Piper Aircraft


Piper Aircraft

If you are looking to get a single engine aircraft, one of the best options for a manufacture is the Piper line of aircraft. Like the Cessna, Piper also has an aircraft for pretty much everyone... If your looking for a Piper For Sale, that is great - I'll show you some strategies on how to get one...

That is why I want to break down a few of the popular models for you and give you some more details on each one of them so you can know which one is going to be best for you.

Piper J-3 Cub - The great thing about the Cub is that it is very small, cheap to fly & won't break the bank when you go to buy it! Your also not going to have a hard time finding a Piper J-3 Cub For Sale as their is a lot of them on the market.

Piper Tomahawk - The Tomohawk is a great entry level 2 seater airplane that Piper came out with. It is a great little airplane that goes fairly fast considering its size. Here's how you can find out more information on this airplane including the performance specs... Piper Tomahawk For Sale

Piper Clipper - This is a true classic airplane that was made by Piper many years ago! It is a very nice airplane and has a very loyal following. Piper Clipper For Sale

Piper Pawnee - This airplane is known for it's safty rating and popularity. It was built with a high degree of safty in mind and is a very good little airplane if you are in the market for one within this price category: Piper Pawnee For Sale

Piper Super Cub - This is a different aircraft then the "Cub". A lot of people get confused and think they are they same. But if you click the link your going to be able to read an article that I created for you that will show you more about this great aircraft. Also, if your looking to find a Piper Super Cub For Sale you will be able to find one pretty easily as there are quite a few out there.

Piper Tri-Pacer - This is a great little four seater that the Piper brand manufactured. It is an awesome airplane if you are looking for a vintage starter 4 seater. It goes very fast for it's age and is pretty popular as well. Here's an article for you if you are looking for information in buying a Piper Tri-Pacer For Sale

Piper Cherokee - The great thing about the Cherokee is that you are going to have quite a range of models to choose from. Because these airplanes are so popular, when you want to find a Piper Cherokee For Sale your not going to have a lot of trouble. One of the versions that you don't hear a lot about is the "six". Here is an article that will give you more information: Piper Cherokee Six

Piper Cherokee 140 - I was able to do my flight training on this Piper model and it was a lot of fun. If you are looking to buy a Piper Cherokee 140 For Sale you have to realize that you can get one for pretty cheap!

Piper Cherokee 160 - You don't hear a lot about the 160, but if you are looking to buy a Cherokee, this is a good one to look at as well. You will find that there are not a lot for sale, but they do have a bit more power then the 140. Here's an article that talks about getting a Piper Cherokee 160 For Sale

Piper Cherokee 180 - This model is obviously bigger then the 160 & in my opinion a bit more popular. A lot of people like the 180 & if you are looking to get a Piper Cherokee 180 For Sale then checkout this article: Cherokee 180

Piper Cherokee 235 - If you want to get a Piper Cherokee that has a bit more power, range and cruise speed then the Cherokee 140, you are going to want to look at getting a
Piper Cherokee 235 For Sale
It is a great airplane that is made by Piper and goes pretty quick! (-:

Piper Archer - This is a great little 4 seater that was made by Piper. You still see quite a few of these around and they are very nice looking as well. Here's some more details on getting a Piper Archer For Sale

Piper Dakota - This is another one of the Piper 4 seater aircraft's that you can pick up. It too is a popular airplane and for the people who have one - they seem to like them. If you are interested in one, here's an article that will give you some more details: Piper Dakota For Sale

Piper Warrior - As you can tell, Piper manufactured a lot of 4 seater airplanes over the years! That is obviously a very big market for Piper and the Warrior is one of the 4 seater's that they made. This is a great little aircraft if you are looking for a 4 seater. Here's an article on buying one: Piper Warrior For Sale

Piper Arrow - The Arrow would be considered the "high end" 4 seater as it has retractile gear and there is a turbo charged version called the Piper Turbo Arrow. This is an awesome airplane to fly & I have had the privilege of logging a lot of time in this airplane. If you want to learn more about this airplane, checkout this article: Piper Arrow For Sale

Piper Comanche - There is one word that describes the Comanche --"speed!" This is a fast airplane & although not in production any longer - it is still popular among the pilots who like it. Here is more information on getting a Piper Comanche For Sale

Piper Saratoga - This is a step up from the Arrow as it is a 6 seater. The Saratoga goes fast & is very nice looking! If you are looking for one - checkout this write up about getting one: Piper Saratoga For Sale

Piper Malibu - The Malibu is the luxury single engine aircraft on the market right now! This thing moves really fast and is very nice... They are not cheap, but if you can afford one - then you should buy one as you will probably really love it! Here's more information on getting a Piper Malibu For Sale

Some Great Mooney Aircraft We Like...

Mooney M20K 252 This is a great Mooney airplane that will go really fast (like the rest of the Mooney's!) This is where you go to find out more information about buying a Mooney M20K 252 For Sale

Mooney Acclaim As with all Mooney's, this one is a great choice as well. I created an article for you to checkout if you are looking to buy a Mooney Acclaim For Sale

Mooney Encore Is a great Mooney as well... If you are looking to do more research on buying a Mooney Encore For Sale here's the article: Mooney Encore

Mooney Ovation is a great airplane from the Mooney lineup of planes. A lot of pilots like flying this airplane and it seems to have good reviews. Here's some cool information about getting a
Mooney Ovation For Sale

Mooney 305 Rocket This is in my opinion the coolest Mooney around! It is really fast and looks great as well... Here's information on buying a Mooney 305 Rocket For Sale or more formally known as the Mooney M20K 305 Rocket

Mooney Bravo This is a great Mooney that some say is the fastest Mooney ever produced... It is formally known as the Mooney M20M Bravo and goes VERY FAST... Here's how to find out more information on getting a Mooney Bravo For Sale

Mooney M20K 231 This is an upgraded Mooney that has a six cylinder engine in it. That is upgraded from the older Mooney's that simply had a 4 cylinder engine. It is a great airplane that can go really, really fast! Here's some great tips on getting a Mooney M20K 231 For Sale

Mooney M20E - This is one of the first high performance Mooney's made. It was produced from around 1964 to 1975 and is still very popular to this very day. Here is how you can find out how to buy a Mooney M20E For Sale

Mooney M20J - This is a very fast Mooney Aircraft that is somewhat popular. As with all the other Mooney's, it is built well and looks nice. Here's what you need to know about getting a Mooney M20J 201

Mooney M20F - The Mooney M20F is a great old airplane that was made from 1966 to 1977. It is still somewhat of a popular airplane due to the fact that it goes so fast. Here's some more information on this airplane: Mooney M20F For Sale

Mooney M20C - This is the last of the short Mooney's and is still a great little 180 horsepower aircraft that goes very fast for it's speed. I wrote an artice for you on a few things you should know about the Mooney M20C - Here it is: Mooney M20C For Sale

Bonanza G36 - This is one of the newest Beechcraft single engine airplanes & it is very nice. It is pretty much a modernized version of the older Bonanza but with really cool stuff. Here's where you should go to find out more information: Bonanza G36 For Sale

Bonanza B36TC - This is the turbo charged version of the A36 Bonanza and it is a very fast & very nice airplane. Here is some more information for you - Bonanza B36TC For Sale

Beechcraft Sundowner - This is a great little airplane that was designed and produced by Beechcraft & is still somewhat popular to this very day. If you are interested in looking at one - click this link: Beechcraft Sundowner For Sale

Beechcraft Musketeer - This is another entry level airplane that was created by Beechcraft. It is also somewhat of a popular airplane as well & has really stood the test of time. Beechcraft Musketeer For Sale

A36 Beechcraft Bonanza - This is one of the all time classic single engine airplanes on the market today! If you are looking for an airplane that goes fast & is very nice - the A36 Bonanza is for you. Here's more information on this great airplane: A36 Beechcraft Bonanza For Sale

V35 Beechcraft Bonanza - This Bonanza is a very popular four seater with the option to have 5 or 6 seats. It is a very fast four seater that is also very nice to look at! If you want more information on this classic, go here: V35 Bonanza V35B Bonanza V35 Bonanza For Sale

Beechcraft Debonair - The Beechraft that is what some call a mini Bonanza. It is a great airplane that will really get you where you need to go really fast. Beechcraft Debonair For Sale

Beechraft Sierra - This is the Beechraft that is one size bigger then the Debonair. It is a great little four seater that goes quite fast. The reason that it goes somewhat fast is because it has retractible grear... Beechcraft Sierra For Sale

Beech Sport Beech B19 Sport - It is an entry level Beechcraft that has been around since the 1960's. It is a great little airplane that a lot of people seem to like. It has stood the test of time & is somewhat hard to find if you are looking to buy one as there are not very many for sale. Beechcraft B19 Sport

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