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If you plan on buying a Cessna, the first thing you are going to want to do is make sure that it performs well against the other aircraft in the same category that you are looking at buying. Sure, speed performance is somewhat important but you are going to want to know about the other performance factors as well.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are buying an airplane that is for sale is they only focus on one of the leading performance indicators. Usually that means SPEED! Sure you are going to want to go fast, but speed can actually cost you a lot if you buy the wrong airplane.

You can overpay for an aircraft that goes 20% faster but actually only gets you to your destination 15 minutes faster then if you would have purchased the other plane you were looking at. The reason is because you might not be going far enough on your average flight to make more speed a huge factor.

So you have to make sure you use all the performance indicators together to in make sure you get the right aircraft for your situation. The great thing about Cessna is they have really stood the test of time and have the right aircraft for pretty much every situation you can think of. Here's a great page that talks about buying one that is for sale: Cessna For Sale

Model Specific Information
Pages On Some Of The Popular Cessna's...

Cessna 140 - This is one of the greatest classic single engine airplanes ever built... It is not super popular, but it is still a great little 2 seater that has an almost "rock star" following among the people who own and study them. Here's how you can find out more about getting a Cessna 140 For Sale

Cessna 150 The great thing about the Cessna 150 is that they are still flying! I'd say that is a great first quality if you are looking to buy an airplane that is as old as the 150 is! (-: The other great thing about this aircraft is that it is easy to fly and CHEAP! So, make sure you check out this article on buying a Cessna 150 For Sale

Cessna 152 Performance Specs are very good for the 152. It's a great little 2 seater airplane that has really stood the test of time over the years. Your going to want to make sure you check this airplane out if you want something that is solid and cheap to run!
Cessna 152 Performance Specs Cessna 152 Performance Cessna 152 Specifications Cessna 152 Performance Specifications

Cessna 150 Performance Specifications are very good with this airplane. If your looking to get yourself a small 2 seater, your going to want to make sure you look at the cessna 150. Not only are they good on fuel, they are somewhat quick too!
Cessna 150 Performance Cessna 150 Performance Specifications Cessna 150 Specs Cessna 150 Performance Specs

Cessna 152 This is the revised version of the Cessna 150 to some degree. The Cessna 152 is a great airplane to fly and still is a very popular aircraft for flight schools and training centers to use. When you are looking for a Cessna 152 For Sale your going to want to make sure you know what you are doing... Have a look at this article and it should help you along your journey to buying the right model for you...

Cessna 162 Skycatcher - This is a great little 2 seater that is made by Cessna. It is an awesome plane if you are looking for a new 2 seater or a newer one. It is LSA approved so if you are flying light sport aircraft's you can still fly it. Cessna 162 Cessna 162 For Sale Cessna Sky Catcher

Cessna 170 This is a real classic Cessna that you are going to want to make sure you really look hard at buying if you are looking for something in this price range. Your not going to find a lot that are for sale because people who buy 170's really like them and keep them. But check out this article on buying a 170: Cessna 170 For Sale

Cessna 172 Also sometimes referred to as the Cessna Skyhawk --- Is probably the most popular and well known Cessna single engine aircraft. Most people seem to know what it is and have some working knowledge about it. The Cessna 172 Performance Specifications are GREAT as well... This Flight schools seem to like the 172 as well. That is why it is also a logical ownership option for most pilots as it was the trainer that they trained on! Here's some great information on this aircraft: Cessna 172 For Sale and this page as well:
Cessna Skyhawk For Sale

Cessna 175 is the in between Cessna which is in between the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 182. It's a great little airplane that seems to be still very popular to this very day. If you want something with a bit more power then the 172, this might be the right one for you.
Cessna 175 Cessna 175 For Sale Cessna Skylark

Cessna 177
- This is a great four seater airplane that you are going to really want to take a good look at buying. They have an RG version (retractible gear) Cessna 177 RG and the Cessna 177 has great performance specs... Here's some more information on this Cessna airplane ---
Cessna 177 For Sale

Cessna 180 This aircraft is the next step up from the 170. Though they don't make it anymore, it is still a very popular airplane that people want to own and fly. The 180 has a ton of power and can be very useful if you are looking for a workhorse. Here's where you can go to find more information on this great aircraft. Cessna 180 For Sale

Cessna 182 Sometimes called the Cessna Skylane--- This is the next step up from the 172. It is a very popular aircraft as well and has a great following. It seems that when pilots buy this aircraft, they seem to want to keep it for years! I love the Cessna 182 Performance Specifications ...But if you can find a good one that is for sale, make sure you pick it up as it might not last... Here's where you can go to find out how to buy this airplane: Cessna 182 For Sale as well as checkout this page: Cessna Skylane For Sale

Cessna 185 This is a great airplane that is somewhat bigger then the Cessna 180. A lot of the people who fly them really like them and seem to keep them forever! It is a very powerful airplane that can haul A LOT of stuff as well. Here is some more great information about this classic: Cessna 185 For Sale

Cessna 188 Is a great airplane that has been around since the 1960's. It is an agricultural aircraft that is used as a crop duster in most cases. They are a single pilot airplane and can be found all over the place during crop spraying season.
Cessna 188 Cessna 188 For Sale

Cessna 190 Is a smaller version of the 195. It is still a very fast airplane and is very nice looking. You are not going to miss seeing it when it flys into the airport that you are at! Here's a few things you should know about it: Cessna 190 Cessna 190 For Sale

Cessna 195 If you want a true classic that also goes fast and has a lot of power, your going to want to have a look at the Cessna 195. It is great looking and will turn heads when you show up with it. Cessna 195 For Sale Cessna 195

Cessna 205 Is a great airplane and one of Cessna's best kept secrets. You can get this airplane for a great deal these days if you know where to look and if you take your time in finding one. They go pretty quick and have a smaller engine then the 206 & the 210.
Cessna 205 Cessna 205 For Sale

Cessna 206 This is the real workhorse 6 seater that Cessna has. It is a great fixed gear aircraft that really goes fast & can haul a lot of stuff. Most think of it as some sort of bush plane, but it is also used for everyday travel as well. Pilots like it a lot & that is probably one of the reasons that it has been in the air for so long and why it sells so well... Here's where you can find out more about this great 6 seater: Cessna 206 For Sale

Cessna 206 Performance Specifications make this a great airplane to own. It flys great, can carry a lot of stuff and goes pretty fast considering what it can do. If you want a very nice looking plane that can do and haul a lot of stuff, your going to want to look at this one.
Cessna 206 Performance Cessna 206 Specifications Cessna 206 Specs

Cessna 207 is an extention of the Cessna 206. It's a great airplane if you need something to do a lot of work for you and take care of business. You can haul between 7-8 people and you'll still have some room for stuff as well. Cessna 207 Cessna 207 For Sale

Cessna 210 This is the high performance 6 seater of the Cessna family! The 210 is similar to the 206, but is still very much different! The main difference is the fact that it has retractile gear among other things. Most of the 210 models are turbo charged which means it can go to a nice altitude and you can get out of the weather.. Here's some more information on the 210:
Cessna 210 For Sale

Cessna 210 Performance Specifications are very good on this airplane. Ideally if you want to get the most out of your performance, you are going to want to make sure you are able to buy a turbo version of this great airplane. Cessna 210 Specs Cessna 210 Performance Cessna 210 Specifications

Cessna Float Plane is a great way to use your Cessna. One of the biggest advantages of owing a cessna is the fact that you can fly the thing to places that you would normally not be able to get into. And then you can land it on water. So if your looking to do more adventure flying, make sure you checkout the Cessna for this. Cessna Float Plane Cessna Seaplane Cessna Amphibian

Cessna Taildragger is a great why to own and fly a Cessna. You can fly them into a lot of different places, have a lot of fun and do things that you could not otherwise do with normal landing gear. But there are some disadvantages as well and you need to make sure you know them.
Cessna Taildragger Cessna Tailwheel

Cessna 337 is a great airplane that looks similar to the Cessna 210 but is a push/pull airplane. It is very popular amongst those who fly it and who are into these types of airplanes. They have pretty good performance spec's as well. If your looking for one, here's a couple things you should know:
Cessna Skymaster Cessna 337 Skymaster Cessna Skymaster For Sale Cessna 337 Skymaster For Sale

Cessna Corvalis - This is an amazing airplane that Cessna has made and every model within the Corvalis lineup keeps getting better. The TTX is amazing looking and really fast. If you are in the market for the price range that these are offered in, you need to check them out:
Cessna Corvalis Cessna Corvalis TTX Cessna Corvalis For Sale

Remos GX The Remos GX is a great little light sport aircraft that is very cool looking as well as it is loaded with everything you should need if you are going to fly an LSA or if you are looking for a current model 2 seater to fly around in. Remos Aircraft Remos LSA Remos GX For Sale

Remos G3 This is the smaller version of the Remos GX light sport aircraft that comes out of Germany. It is a great little airplane that goes pretty fast and can haul a lot of weight. If you are looking to get into LSA flying, your going to want to make sure you have a look at this airplane.
Remos G3 For Sale Remos G-3 Light Sport Aircraft

Tecnam P92 is a light sport aircraft that is designed and made by Tecnam out of Italy. It is a great little LSA airplane that has a lot of features in it like the Rotax engine, and many other things. Tecnam P92 Tecnam P92 For Sale Tecnam P92 Echo Tecnam P92 Eaglet

Tecnam P2006T is a light twin engine airplane that is really quite revolutionary. It is a twin, but it has the fuel burn of a small single engine airplane. If you are looking for the saftey features of a twin, you want to check it out.
Tecnam P2006T Tecnam P2006T For Sale Tecnam P2006T Twin Engine Aircraft


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