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Used Light Sport Aircraft

Used Light Sport Aircraft - Here's Some Ideas On Getting
A Used LSA That Is For Sale

When it comes to getting a Light Sport Aircraft, you don't just have to get a new one! A lot of people are doing that these days because of the fact that so many new versions are coming on the market and pilots want the new technology.

However, there are still some great deals to be had in terms of getting a used Light Sport Aircraft if you know what your doing and know where to find one. You can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars and in some cases if you know what you are doing.

Here's 2 Ideas On Getting A Used Light
Sport Aircraft That Is For Sale

First - Make Sure You Get Something You Know Will Be Around For A While:

Don't make the mistake of just buying a Light Sport Aircraft model because you can get a good deal on it. Getting a used one for the right price is important - however, you have to realize that some of these newer LSA manufactures have been going out of business a short time after they started pumping out airplanes.

It is a very expensive business to get into and there are A LOT of new manufactures in the LSA game trying to provide a great airplane for the pilots who are looking to buy in that market. But if you buy a used LSA because it is cheap, you could end up with something that you can't sell & can't get parts for because the company is out of business...

Second - Don't Buy A Higher Time Light Sport Aircraft:

One of the things pilots will do sometimes is they will buy high time light sport aircrafts because they are cheap and they think they can get a good deal on an engine. The good thing is that you can get good deals on some of the engines that the LSA aircrafts have because they are smaller then a lot of the bigger aircraft engines in full size airplanes.

However, you have to realize that the biggest problem is that if you buy an airplane with 1,000 total time on it, you have no clue when you are going to have to rebuild or replace the engine. The original pilot could have done A LOT of damage to that engine and could easily shorten the life span of it.

If the pilot before you fly's it hard, runs the engine hot and keeps the RPM's high - you could end up with a rebuild a lot sooner then you think. And that is not fun because you now you have to fork out more cash & deal with forced down time while your airplane is getting a new or overhauled engine.

So make sure you do your best to find a Light Sport Aircraft that still has a good amount of life left on the engine so you can have at least a few years of fun flying ahead of you before you have to overhaul anything.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Light Sport Aircraft

Used Light Sport Aircraft

Used Light Sport Aircraft


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