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Used Cessna

Used Cessna - Make Sure To Do These Things Before Buying One

If you can't afford to get yourself a new Cessna, the next best thing is to get --- well --- a used Cessna! The great thing about buying a used Cessna is they have been around for so long, you have all kinds of price options and model options to choose from to insure you get the right one possible.

But the problem with buying a used Cessna is that you just can't buy one based on it's good brand name alone. You have to do a few things to make sure the actual airplane you get is going to be the best one for your situation.

2 Important Tips You Need To Know If Your Buying A
Used Cessna Aircraft

Tip #1 - Make Sure You Use An Independent Aircraft Mechanic To Inspect Your Purchase

When most pilots buy an aircraft that is used they will usually get the current owners mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection on the airplane so they can make sure everything is in good condition. That is nice that the current owner will offer the services of his mechanic to you, but you have to realize that it is in your best interests to get an independent one.

Of course the current owners mechanic is probably not going to try and hide anything from you or lie to you, but you still want to get an independent one so that you can get an objective pre-purchase inspection done by a mechanic who is only working for you.

Then, you need to tell them to be brutally up front with you as to what they think of the airplane you are going to buy. If they are a good mechanic and know the aircraft you are buying in terms of its type - they should be able to tell you what they think is going to go wrong with the airplane in the near future.

That is a good thing, because it allows you to pre-plan for future things that you need to fix and or replace. And after factoring in those things, plus the current condition of the airplane after it's inspection, your going to be able to know for sure if you want to take the one your looking at or move on to a different used Cessna.

Tip #2 - Don't Fall In Love With The Airplane - Fall In Love With The Deal

The problem with buying a used Cessna is that they can become very seductive.. If you are dealing on a nice one with leather interior, fresh paint, a digital dash and every navigational tool possible - you can easily get seduced into buying it based on those factors.

But make sure the deal is right and the fundamentals are in place... And if the price is right based on the fundamentals, then look at buying the airplane... But don't get caught focusing too much on the external things that can easily be added into the right airplane if you find the right price. Because remember, if your patient and wait - the right deal should come along.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Cessna

Used Cessna

Used Cessna


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