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Used Cessna 210

Used Cessna 210 - Some Reasons Why This Used High Performance Single Is Still A Good Buy...

If you want access to something that is reasonably priced, that will fly at high altitudes, carry quite a bit of cargo and will also get you to where you want to go in style - the Cessna 210 could be that machine for you.

There is a good amount of them on the used market, but they do seem to always be moving in terms of them selling. Not only that, the 210 seems to be a popular aircraft. It is not just another airplane that pilots think about buying. This aircraft has a very tight following of pilots who take the 210 very serious.

And that is a really good thing when your buying something that is a few decades old. You want one that has been well taken care of by the owner. And there are really 2 types of used aircrafts at this level... The first one is an aircraft that can get you to where you want to go. You take it out, fly it to your destination and repeat the process.

The other type is one that becomes part of your identity. It really becomes a part of the family and you care a lot about it, keep it updated and find yourself in somewhat of an owners group with other like minded owners. And that is the type of airplane you want to get your hands on if you are looking for a used aircraft.

Here's 2 Things That Are Good About
Buying A Used Cessna 210

First - They Are A High Performance Aircraft

If your going to buy one, then your going to want to get one with retractable gear and one that is turbo charged. That is going to put you into an elite class of airplanes and pilots. With those two features in place, your going to be able to go very high & perform at some pretty good speeds.

And if you have ever had the good fortune of flying in or owning a turbo aircraft, you know how fun they are to fly. Sure you are going to have some extra things to fix and make sure are kept in good condition, but if you can overlook that - this is going to be a great aircraft for you to own.

There is nothing like being able to climb up high on a hot day and take advantage of some good speeds. Not only that, if you can get above the low traffic - it is also a lot less stressful.

Second - They Are Great Looking

If the performance of this aircraft is not enough for you - they are also great looking airplanes. I especially like the used 210 pressurized ones that you can buy. They are not cheap, but if you can work it into the budget, they sure would be nice to have around when you want to head up over the weather.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Cessna 210

Used Cessna 210

Used Cessna 210


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