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Used Cessna 180

Used Cessna 180 - What To Do To Increase Your
Chances Of Getting The Best One

One of the most powerful 4 seater taildragger gas engine bush planes is the Cessna 180! It is not only powerful, hauls a lot, but it also looks good as well. And if you find the right one for your personal situation, you could have years of fun flying with this classic ahead of you.

However, that all said - you need to make sure you get the right used one or you could end up spending all your time in the hanger looking for parts for this bird so your mechanic can fix it. Not all of the 180's on the market have been taken care of and you need to stay away from those ones.

Here's What You Can Do To Increase Your Chances Of
Getting The Right Used Cessna 180

First Thing - Find One That Has Been Owned By A Long Term Owner

One of the best things about buying a Cessna 180 is the fact that you can find a lot of these that have been owned by the same owner for decades in some cases! That is great because if they have owned it for a long time the chances are really good that they have taken care of it and loved it.

In fact, the main reason that a lot of these owners sell is because they simply can't fly anymore due to medical reasons or just simply they can't. And those are some of the best airplanes to buy, because you know that it is killing the owner inside to sell the airplane.

And the more they are attached to their 180's the better they probably take care of them and make sure things are kept in shape on them. So make sure you look hard into the ones that are for sale and find this out. Some times you have to ask the selling broker to give you a bit of the history on the ownership as it is not always just in the ad.

But if the owner has owned it a long time, they will usually tell you the life story of the airplane and why they are not flying anymore and how hard it is for them to sell.

Second Thing - Don't Be Turned Off By Bad External Issues Like Paint

You have to realize that the 180 not exactly a new aircraft anymore. Not only that, these things get flown into some pretty harsh conditions, especially when you factor in cold winters. So make sure you realize that the exterior might look bad. But that is okay as long as the body is safe and has no corrosion. (Get that checked out)

And if the only thing it needs to make it nice again is a paint job, then just have that factored into the purchase price or get it done once you buy the airplane. But make sure you do it right away once you buy it or you'll probably never get it done. It is like house renovations... The only time a lot of them get done is when most people are moving! (-:

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Cessna 180

Used Cessna 180

Used Cessna 180


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