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Used Cessna 177

Used Cessna 177 - Is This A Good Four Seater Alternative To Buy?

Stuck in between the Cessna 172 and the Cessna 182 is a less popular Cessna but still very good 177. This is a great looking aircraft that did not catch on as well as the other 2 airplanes that it is stuck in between. That said, it could be a very good option to buy if you are looking for a good used aircraft.

Surprisingly, you see a lot of these airplanes around. They seem to be the type of Cessna that you either fall in love with and keep forever or want nothing to do with! That seems to be the feeling I get from pilots who own them. They love them and have a lot of reasons for owning and keep one. But other pilots who looked at buying them seem to have a lot of reasons why they decided to not get one.

Here's Why This Less Popular Cessna Alternative Might Be A Good Choice For Your Flying Needs

First - It Is Not A Cookie Cutter 172

If your independent and don't want to do what everyone else does, the 177 might be a good way for you to do this. The 172 and 182 are very popular airplanes that you can find multiple versions of at pretty much any airport in the country that allows small private aircraft.

That said - there are a lot of pilots who don't want to do and fly what everyone else is flying. That is okay! And one of the ways you can avoid being like everyone else and still fly a well built aircraft is to get the 177. It is going to be different and will give you something to talk about with the other pilots you know.

Not only that, some of the differences are pretty good. The design is very nice in terms of how it looks... Again, it is one of those things that you either love or don't like. But I am assuming that if you are in the market for the 177, you probably like the design of it and how it looks.

The other thing that is nice about it is that it seems to have a bit more cabin room then the 172. It is debatable as to how much room it really has and if it is any advantage, but the fact remains that it does have room and it is a nice ride for a few people.

Like most four seaters, if your flying with four people - it could be tight! (-:

Second - It Is Not That Expensive

Sure your going to have to shell out a bit of cash for this great aircraft, but that said - you can spend a lot more money and get a lot less then you would otherwise get with the 177. Not only that, your still getting a Cessna product...

And there seems to be a good market for this aircraft as well. There never seems to be a massive amount of them on the open market at any given time. And that's a good thing as you don't want to buy an airplane that has a flood of inventory...

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Cessna 177

Used Cessna 177

Used Cessna 177


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