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Used Cessna 170

Used Cessna 170 - How To Tell If This Taildragger Is The Right Choice

When it comes to buying a used taildragger or bush plane you really have to weigh the options in order make the right buying choice. There are a lot of these types of airplanes on the market and finding the right one for your situation can be a challenge if you don't know what you are doing.

Not only that, if it is your first purchase you are also going to have to worry about a lot of other things as well. That said, if you can get the right one - you should have years of good flying in front of you with your used Cessna 170!

2 Things To Consider Before Deciding On
Buying A Used Cessna 170

First Thing - Will It Have The Power You Need?

This is probably in my opinion the most important thing you need to consider when it comes to buying an aircraft like a bush plane or taildragger. If you don't have the right amount of power for your needs, then nothing else is going to really make up for it.

And you obviously need to think about this before you buy the 170. You don't want to get stuck in a situation where you bought the airplane and now realized that it does not have the power that you need for the jobs that you need to do.

Then your in a situation were you can't do some of the things you maybe want to and you'll just be frustrated. So make sure the 170 has the power needs for your flying situation.


Second Thing - Will It Have The Carrying Capacity For Your Needs?

If your buying a taildragger like the Cessna 170, you are obviously going to want to make sure it can carry and haul the stuff you need to get from one place to the other. Maybe you are going to use it for hauling your gear and friends out to your lake home. Or you need it to get you up into the mountain valleys so you can go fishing.

Whatever that need is that you have, figure out if it will haul what you need it to haul. Do this before you buy the airplane. A lot of pilots make the mistake of thinking about this after they buy it and they just assume that it will carry four adults, full fuel and all the gear they can get in the cargo area.

Well, chances are pretty good your not going to be able to do all of that at the same time. So just get a copy of the manual, get the C of G numbers for this airplane and then figure out if you can make the weight and balance work with the needs that you have.

That way you will save yourself a lot of frustration and potential accidents in the future with possibly trying to fly with to much weight.

If the weight & power are going to work for you with the Cessna 170 - then the next step is to go out and find one that you can hopefully enjoy for years to come.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Cessna 170

Used Cessna 170

Used Cessna 170


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