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Used Cessna 150

Used Cessna 150 - Is This Used Classic Right For Your Flying Needs?

One of the classic Cessna's on the market is the Cessna 150. It is been in the air for decades and is still a very popular airplane to own and fly. You can see these used 150's at most small community airports as they are very popular with recreational pilots.

Not only that, it is very common to see the ones that are up for sale posted by owners who have had theirs for a really long time. Because this aircraft is so cheap to keep going, a lot of owners will keep theirs for years even though they don't fly it... This is partly due to the fact that they just can't part with it! And that is a good thing to see if your trying to buy an airplane.

Here's A Couple Key Things You Should Be Thinking About If Your Looking To Buy A Used Cessna 150

#1 - Make Sure You Watch Buying One With To Much Custom Changes

One of the things that some pilots like to do with their used 150's is they like to customize them a bit. Now, a bit of customizing and restoring is totally fine, but you have to make sure you watch for the ones that have been totally hacked up by the owners.

The reason that you want to watch out for ones that have been to customized is because when it comes to resale value, a lot of pilots like to buy older classics like the 150 that have been restored and not customized.

It is similar to a classic car... Most buyers like the fact that the classic car has been restored and kept in that state verses modernized with the latest technology. If you wanted new technology, you would buy a new car. And the same thing goes for the Cessna 150. Finding one that has been restored is a good thing as it should help hold it's value.

But try and stay away from ones that have been excessively customized to the owners personal needs and likings. That is - unless you totally fall in love with it and have the exact same tastes in customization as the owner.

#2 - Make Sure You Be Careful Of Used Cessna 150's That Have Been Sitting For A Long Time

Planes are designed to fly and not sit in hangers for years on end without being worked. It is no secret as to what can happen to a good Cessna 150 if it sits for years without being flown. They were not made to sit in hangers and be looked at. They were designed to fly and go to work for you - even if it is to fly for a $100 hamburger.

So when you come across ones that have very low total time, make sure you look at the log book and make sure it has been flown on a somewhat consistent bases over time. Buying a low time model is fine as long as it has been consistently flown.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Cessna 150

Used Cessna 150

Used Cessna 150


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