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Used Aircraft For Sale

Used Aircraft For Sale - What To Watch Out For Before Buying One...

Buying a used aircraft is like buying a used car but 10 times more complex! That said - if you buy the right one, you should hopefully be able to enjoy years of happy flying and have a lot of fun in the used aircraft that you buy.

The problem most pilots have when buying a used aircraft that is for sale is they are not really sure what they are doing and a lot of them don't figure out the mistakes they made until they have owned the aircraft for a few months. Then they start realizing the problems they overlooked and now have to pay for.

Here's 2 Things To Do Before Buying The Used Aircraft
That Your Looking At

First - Make Sure You DON'T Cheap Out On Getting Help From Experts

The great thing about the general aviation market is the fact that there are a lot of really good experts who can help you make the best choice possible in terms of which is the right aircraft for you on the used market.

A lot of pilots make the mistake of thinking that because they got their licence and have flown for 50 hours, this qualifies them as knowledgeable in terms of knowing how to buy an aircraft. Sure you might have gained some very valuable knowledge in your flight training and you might have a more clear picture in regards to the type of airplane you want to buy.

But make sure you don't cheap out on getting experts to help you put the deal together. Your going to want to make sure you get an attorney to help you do the sale so you can get all the legal end of things done right. And your going to want to make sure you use an independent aircraft mechanic to take care of the pre-purchase inspection so you have someone who is not working for the old owner.

Then your going to want to get a certified appraisal if possible. That way you can get someone who is trained and who knows the market better then you. Not only that - they are independent of your buying choice and can provide you some good advice in terms of which aircraft you should buy for the price range you are working in.

Second - Look Beyond The Aircraft You Used In Your Flight Training

One thing that a lot of pilots do is buy the type of aircraft that they did their flight training on. That is good in terms of comfort and knowledge of the aircraft, but you have to realize that it is important to branch out and see if you might like some other types of aircraft's.

Go to another flight school and with an instructor - test fly some different types of aircraft to see if you might like flying them instead of the one you did your initial training on. It is not only going to be a fun expereince for you, but it will also broaded your flying horizan and get you out in some different aircraft's. And you never know which one you might really love after flying in it.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Used Aircraft For Sale

Used Aircraft For Sale

Used Aircraft For Sale


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