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Tecnam P2008

Tecnam P2008 – Checkout This VERY Roomy Light Sport Aircraft...

One of the biggest problems with a lot of the light sport aircrafts on the market today is the fact that many of them are very small and tight. Sure some of them look nice, but you almost have to be under five feet tall to get into it.

The good thing about the Tecnam P2008 is that this airplane does not have this problem. Not only does the P2008 look great, it is very roomy as well! This Italian aircraft manufacture has been at it since 1948 and they have done a great job with a lot of different airplanes...

IMPORTANT: You have to make sure you realize that because of the fact that LSA's have a restriction on their speeds, you need to make sure you are looking for a more well rounded airplane. The better job you do at figuring out exactly what you want out of your LSA, the better airplane your going to get.

Here's Some Important Reasons Why The Tecam P2008
Is Such A Great Airplane...

Reason #1 – It Has A Massive Amount Of Room In It...

When you see this airplane from the outside in terms of a picture of it, it is very hard to tell if this is an LSA or a fully certified airplane. It is very big and roomy! In fact the cargo area can hold 44 pounds of your gear and stuff.(1)

Not only that, in addition to having lots of room behind the seats for cargo space, you also have a shelf above the cargo space under the rear window as well. So your going to have plenty of room for your gear and baggage when you go for a flight.

And with a cabin width of 48 inches, your going to have a lot of room in the cabin for you and your passenger. You have to realize that 48 inches of width in the cabin is comparable to the cabin width of some light twin engine airplanes. So hopefully you won't be rubbing elbows with the person beside you when your flying.

The other cool thing they have done with the interior is they have tinted all the windows. The great thing about that is when your sitting on the tarmac waiting to get the “okay” to take-off, it should help you from frying in the sun!

Reason #2 – It Has Some Good Performance Specs To Go Along With The Cabin Room...

You would think that with all the room that this airplane has it would not have a lot of good performance specs. That could not be further from the truth! The P2008 has a great cruise speed for an LSA. It will cruise at 112 KTS using 75% power.

That is pretty good considering the roomy cabin! As well, if you wanted to be more conservative with your power, you could always drop the power back to 65% and you would still have a good cruise speed. Not only that, you'd be burning even less fuel.

So if you are in the market for a new light sport aircraft, your going to want to make sure you have a second look at the P2008. It is a very nice looking well rounded airplane that can do a lot of different things.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Tecnam P2008

Tecnam P2008

Tecnam P2008


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References: #1 - Sourced 03/07/2012

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