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Storm Aircraft

Storm Aircaft – Here's An Aircaft Manufacture You Should Know More About ...

When it comes to getting a light sport aircraft or a S-LSA, you have probably discovered that there are a lot of different models and airplane manufactures to choose from! That can sometimes be a good thing. One of the good things is that there are a lot of variety of models and styles. And that is where Storm Aircraft comes in. They have some great airplane options that you are going to want to take a look at...

IMPORTANT: STORMAIRCRAFT COMPANIES GROUP does quite a few things! In this article will be focusing on 2 of the “built to fly” airplanes that they have made which are under the S-LSA designation. That said, always double check with your countries regulations to make sure the plane you are looking at is certified under the right designation that matches your licence and goals.

Here's 2 VERY NICE Airplanes That You Should Have A Look At...

The Storm Rally:

This is a very nice high wing 2 seater airplane that is made by this manufacture. It is not only nice looking, but it has an amazing range as well. This airplane has a range of 7.2 hours(1)! That's pretty good considering that it is a 2 seater airplane.

One of thing things people don't realize is that European airplane manufactures have had to do a good job at getting their fuel burn rates down on their airplanes. You have to remember that the price of fuel in Europe is usually a lot higher then it is in North America.

So they were forced to focus on making sure the airplanes they designed and manufactured were not fuel hogs! And a 7.2 hour range is really good when it comes to a S-LSA. Even if you don't plan on being in the air for 7.2 hours, it is good to know that you can fly a long ways or do a nice distance flight without having to worry about stopping for fuel every couple hours.

The other great thing about having this kind of range is the fact that you can get around weather if you need to. If you have a chance to fly around a developing weather pattern, you are going to have this opportunity. That is a nice safety feature to have at your disposal when flying on cross-country trips.

The Storm Century:

This is a great little airplane as well. The one thing that makes it unique from the Storm Rally is the fact that it is a low wing verses the high wing of the Storm Rally. I think this is a great design feature on StormAircraft's part.

There are some pilots who really like to fly the high wing airplanes & at the same time, there are a lot of pilots who still like to fly the low wing airplanes as well. So by creating one of each, they were able to capture more of the market.

The one thing I like about the Storm Century is the fact that it looks very easy to get into. Your not going to have to fold yourself in half and crawl through a fox hole in the side of the airplane. The way the cabin is designed, your should be able to step right into the cockpit and lower the roof once your in and ready to go.

The other thing that is nice about the Storm Century is the fact that it has 2 joysticks and both are centred so you can use either hand to fly this airplane. Not only that, you can also fly it from the right seat as well. (2)

If your looking for a 2 seater airplane, you have to make sure you checkout the two from this article. As well, checkout this manufacture as they have all kinds of other things going on you might be interested in...

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Storm Aircraft

Storm Aircraft

Storm Aircraft


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References: #1 - Sourced 03/07/2012

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