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Stinson 108 Aircraft...

Stinson 108 Aircraft- Here's What You Need To Know About This Classic TailDragger...

If you are looking for a classic taildragger that has a good amount of power and is fun to fly, your going to want to make sure you think about getting the Stinson 108. It is a true classic aircraft that was manufactured from 1946 through to 1950. Not only that, there were a bit over 5,000 produced... That is good as you should be able to find parts pretty easily.

IMPORTANT:When it comes to getting a Stinson 108, you have to understand that there are a very versions of this taildragger. There is the 108-1, 108-2, 108-3, 108-4, 108-5 & the flying station wagon option. The flying station wagon option was more of an option that was available verses it's own model unto itself.

Here's A Couple Things You Should Know About The Stinson 108 Before You Buy One...

First - They Have Great Performance Specs...

You first have to realize that your not buying the performance of a jet or a super fast single engine airplane when you get a Stinson. That said, if you compare it to other high wing taildraggers in the same category, your going to find that the Stinson really holds its own and is a great airplane in terms of performance.

The 108-3 has 165 horsepower, cruises at about 105 knots & has a useable carrying capacity of about 1,000 lbs. Those are very good numbers considering the age of this airplane. Not only that - 1,000 lbs is a pretty good useable carrying capacity for a 4 seater airplane.

You should be able to get a good amount of fuel, some baggage and 4 people... Because as you probably know, there is nothing worse then getting an airplane that has four seats but does not have the weight capacity to carry 4 people unless you land every 20 minutes for fuel.

Second - Your Buying A Piece Of Flying History...

The great thing about the Stinson is the fact that they are not making more of them & over the years there will be less and less of them on the market. Some crash, others don't get taken care of, exc. That means if you do get a good one & take care of it, there is a good chance it could hold its value or even go up in value.

Obviously you don't want to make buying a Stinson your retirement strategy, but at the same time - if your going to buy a plane, why not get one that is very much sought after and in demand?

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Stinson 108 Aircraft

Stinson 108 Aircraft

Stinson 108 Aircraft


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