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Socata TB 20 & 21 Trinidad...

Socata TB 20 & 21 - This is one of the most roomy 4 seater you can own. Here's what you need to know about it...

When it comes to getting a 4 seater airplane, you have to realize that there are no shortage of options out there. But the one mistake that a lot of pilots make is they buy one simply based on speed. Now, everyone wants to go fast & you do want to make sure you can maximize your cruise speed, but you have to make sure you balance it with other things like comfort.

That is where the Socata TB 20 & 21 Trinidad come in. They are not the fastest airplanes in the 4 seater category, but they are probably the most comfortable and roomy to fly. Some airplanes simply go fast and that is what they are known for. But if you are a bit heavier or simply want more room, comfort is going to become a big deal for you.

The problem is - most pilots don't realize this until it is too late. They buy an airplane for speed only & then once they get it and start flying it with others, they realize that they don't have enough room to take everyone OR it is simply to cramped.

What You Need To Know About The Socata TB 20 & 21 Trinidad...

First - This Airplane Still Goes Fast...

The great thing about this airplane is that it is not a flying boat anchor. It actually goes pretty fast and has good performance specifications. You will find that the TB20 cruises at about 160 knots with 250 horsepower. And the turbo version (TB21) cruises at about 185 knots with a turbo charged 250 horsepower engine.

Those are not bad performance numbers...

Second - It Is VERY ROOMY & Comfortable..

The great thing about this airplane is the fact that Socata really thought through the comfort factor with it. Your going to have a lot of room for 4 people when you fly. Obviously you have to make sure your weight & balance make sense along with fuel levels, but in terms of comfort - it is awesome.

It has a great center arm rest in the back seat & in between the pilot and the co-pilots seats is lots of space as well. If you have flown in a cramped 4 seater you probably know how big a problem it is to have enough elbow room. This should be limited in the Socata TB 20 & 21.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Socata TB 20 & 21 Trinidad

Socata TB 20 & 21 Trinidad

Socata TB 20 & 21 Trinidad


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