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Seamax Aircraft

Seamax M-22 – Here's A Great LSA Amphibious Aircraft...

If you are looking to get a light sport aircraft that can go on water & land, your going to want to make sure you have a look at the Seamax M-22. It is one of the coolest looking and most versatile light sport aircrafts on the market today. Not only that, it has some great features and performance specifications as well...

IMPORTANT: One of the best things about this airplane is that you can land it on the water & on the land. However, you have to make sure you get the right fit for you. Some people still like the float plane model. So make sure you weigh the options before diving into a purchase. That said, a lot of people really like the amphibious style airplane where you can land on the belly of the aircraft.

Here's Some Good Reasons Why The Seamax M-22 Is Such A Great Light Sport Aircraft...

Reason #1 – It Has Some Really Good Performance Numbers...

The one thing that I really like about this airplane is that is seems to perform very well in the sky & on the water. The one thing that I really like about this airplane is that is has a great rate of climb. According to the website, the Seamax will climb at 1,000 ft/min(1). That is a very good rate of climb for a small airplane like this.

You have to remember that it is an LSA aircraft so it is not going to have the same power as a Cessna 180. So to have something that can climb 1,00 ft/min is very good! The reason that is so good is because when you are trying to take off on the water your going to want to get up and out of there as fast as you can.

One of the most common things about landing and taking off on the water is the fact that most lakes are in valley areas and there are usually lots of tree's around. So if you can get up above the tree line fast, your going to be in good shape for a nice & easy climb out.

Reason #2 – The Advantage Of Being Able To Use Premium Auto Fuel...

One of the greatest advantages of the Seamax is the fact that you are going to be able to run premium auto fuel in this airplane.(2) The reason that is such a huge advantage is because of the fact that when you decide to head out to the lake, you don't have to worry about finding 100LL in the middle of nowhere.

One of the biggest problems people have with traditional float planes that only run 100LL is the fact that if you need fuel and you are out on some lake somewhere your going to have to fly to a near by airport, fill up and then head home.

But with this airplane, your going to easily be able to fill up at the boat marina or simply get gas at the gas station nearby and take it back to the airplane using a portable gas container. This means, you are going to be able to fly further into the bush or to lakes that are further away as you are going to be able to use the gas that is at the location (assuming they have premium auto fuel)...

So if your looking for a great little LSA to fly around and have a lot of fun with, your going to want to make sure you checkout this airplane!

Happy Flying!

James David

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Seamax Aircraft

Seamax Aircraft

Seamax Aircraft


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References: #1 - Sourced 03/07/2012

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