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Rans S-7

The Rans S-7LS LSA - Why This Is A Great Option For A Light Sport Aircraft...

If you want to get a factory built Light Sport Aircraft for under $100,000 USD brand new, your options are going to be somewhat limited. The good news is that you can still get a Rans S-7LS for under the six figure market & it is a pretty good looking bird as well!

IMPORTANT: In this article were going to be focusing on the factory built version of the Rans S-7. They have a kit version, but that is not going to be the focus of this article. A lot of people like to build kit airplanes as there have been thousands sold, however - we want to focus on the LSA version of this great airplane.

Here's Why The Rans S-7LS Light Sport Aircraft Is Still A Great Deal...

First - It Is Priced Under $100,000 USD...

If you want a new airplane that is ready to fly and you don't want to pay more then $100k for it, you need to have a look at the S-7. As of this writing you can get yourself a "ready to fly" S-7 for $87,500.00 USD.(1).

It is also a bit more powerful then the S-6 as it has a bigger engine. But at the same time, it is not that much more money either. And as you know, you can easily spend $87,500 USD on an airplane that is 30+ years old.

Second - The Engine Is Really Good...

The one really great thing about the Rans S-7 is the fact that it has a Rotax 912ULS engine in it. And if you know anything about Rotax, you know your likely going to be in good hands.

You might not know this, but there have been over 150,000 Rotax aircraft engines
sold since 1973.(2) That is A LOT of engines...

The great thing about having so many Rotax aviation engines on the market is that you should always be able to find parts if your breaks down. Since they sold worldwide and have been around for so long, it should not be a problem finding parts or at lease sourcing them so they can get sent to you.

There is nothing more frustrating then knowing you need a part and then having to sit on the phone for days trying to find someone who can get it to you. As well, if you buy an airplane with an unknown engine in it, when you do need parts down the road they could get very expensive if they are in short supply.

So with 150,000 Rotax aircraft engines been sold since 1973, the odds are pretty good that your going to be able to get the parts you need for your airplane engine.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Rans S-7

Rans S-7

Rans S-7


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