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Rans S-6

The Rans S-6LS Coyote II LSA - Here's Great 2 Seater That Is Cheap...

It is no secret that there are a lot of expensive Light Sport Aircrafts on the market these days. You can easily spend $150,000 USD on getting yourself a decked out LSA 2 seater. And that is part of the problem for a lot of enthusiasts who want to get in on the LSA movement.

If you don't have a huge budget your kind of limited in terms of getting a new LSA. But one of the few options on the market is the Rans S-6LS Coyote. It's a great little airplane that comes ready to fly & it is priced very well...

IMPORTANT: In this article will be focusing on the "ready to fly" version of the Rans Coyote. Rans has produced a lot of kit planes, but in this article were going to focus on the factory manufactured version of the S-6 which is the Rans S-6LS Coyote II LSA.

Here's Why This Airplane Makes Sense...

Reason #1 - It Is Cost Effective...

At the time of this writing you can get a ready to fly Rans Coyote for $82,000 USD.(1) That's a pretty good price for a brand new airplane that you can fly right away. There are not very many other airplanes or LSA's that you can get for that price these days.

The problem with the LSA market is that there is not enough volume yet in order to justify really cheap prices. But at $82,000 for something you can fly that is new, you really can't complain about that.

You could get a decked out wake boarding boat for that price! So when you can compare the price of your airplane to the price of a lake boat, you know your on the right track. Also, that comparison gives you a great justification to your spouse as to why you should get this airplane verses getting a boat! (-:

All joking aside, not only can you get a great deal on this airplane, you can also add in some really cool features and options. One of those is an autopilot. If you have spent any time in the air, you know that not flying with an autopilot can become very annoying after awhile. And if you plan on doing cross country flights, it is a great thing to have in the airplane.

So if you can afford it - make sure you consider this option when you buy your Coyote.

Reason #2 - The Company Has Been Around A While...

Rans Designs has been around since 1973(2) and has produced A LOT of kit planes and among other things - pedal bikes! The great thing about buying an airplane from a company that has been around a while is the fact that you should be able to get parts & you get to take advantage of the companies evolution in terms of their airplane design and technology.

Not only that - this airplane has a Rotax engine in it. And you probably know that Rotax has been around a long time as well and they are worldwide. So if your looking for a low cost LSA, checkout the Coyote.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Rans S-6

Rans S-6

Rans S-6


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