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Rans S-19

The Rans S-19LS Venterra - A Good Option For A Low Wing Light Sport Aircraft...

Vans Designs have been around since the early 1970's and have produced a number of airplanes over that period of time. Some of them have been kits and others have been LSA built to fly airplanes. And one of the more recent ones is the Rans S-19 Venterra which is a very good looking low wing LSA model.

IMPORTANT: As mentioned, Vans Designs does make kit airplanes and factory made "built to fly" airplanes. In this article were going to be focusing on the LSA version of the S-19 which is a "built to fly" model.

Here's A Couple Things You Should Know
About The Rans S-19LS Venterra

First - It Is Simply A Great Looking Airplane...

You have probably noticed that there are a few airplanes on the market that you wonder how the design ever made it into production. But with the Rans S-19, your not likely going to wonder that as it is a great airplane with a really nice design.

Rans had previously made itself popular with the high wing airplanes and kit aircrafts that they have been designing, but this one which is a low wing is very nice looking. The one thing that really adds to it's great looks is the fact that you have very good visibility.

Your going to be able to see straight up, side to side and behind you if needed. That is a great feature because there is nothing worse then feeling like you can't see where you are going while you are flying the airplane. As well, on a nice sunny day your going to really like the way this airplane is designed.

The other design feature that is nice is the low wing configuration. A lot of people like low wing airplanes and for good reason. I personally like flying the low wing airplanes because I find that they are easier to land and simply have a different feel to them in flight.

Many people obviously like high wing airplanes, but if you like a low wing - checkout this airplane.

Second - This LSA Has Some Really Good Performance Specs...

One of the things that is good about the S-19LS is the fact that it has a great rate of climb for a low wing airplane. The rate of climb for this LSA is about 900 ft/min.(1) The reason that I mention this is because it is a pretty good rate of climb for a low wing airplane which only has a small engine.

A lot of airplanes that have twice the power don't climb at 900 ft/min! Not only that, having a good rate of climb is very important because of the fact that the more time you spend in climb, the more fuel your burning. As well, when your working the airplane as hard as you are in climb, your usually running at a higher RPM.

So if you can get a good rate of climb and get up to your cruise altitude fast, you can then set your power setting for cruise, pull back the power a bit and burn less fuel.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Rans S-19

Rans S-19

Rans S-19


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