Piper Super Cruiser

PA-12 Piper Super Cruiser...

Piper Super Cruiser – This Is A Great Little 3 Seater -
Here's A Couple Things You Should Know About It ...

If you are looking for a smaller "classic" aircraft that you can fly for recreational use, your going to want to make sure you check out the Piper Super Cruiser... It is small but it is also a 3 seater airplane verses a lot of smaller airplanes that are 2 seaters.

The great thing about the Super Cruiser is the fact that it has that extra seat! You never know when your going to want to fly with 3 people. Or, if you are simply looking for more room in the cabin for you and your passenger. The interesting thing about the Super Cruiser is the fact that the front seat is designed for one person & the back seat is designed for 2 people...

IMPORTANT: When your buying an airplane like the Super Cruiser your going to want to make sure you know beforehand exactly what you are looking to get. The reason is because you can get a wide variety of these airplanes in all kinds of condition. So make sure that if you are looking for one that you can fly right away - you don't cheap out and get a renovation project thinking your going to save some money!

What You Should Know About The Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser...

First - It Has Really Good Performance Spec's Considering It's Age...

The one thing I like about the Super Cruiser is the fact that even though it is old, it still goes fast & has great performance specs. You will find that with a stock engine it should cruise at about 90 knots... You have to pay attention to the used market when you are looking for one that is for sale.

Many of the ones that are for sale on the used market have had newer (bigger) engines put in them to increase the horsepower and speed. So make sure you realize this and make sure you get the engine checked out before you buy it.

Second - They Are In Pretty Big Demand...

The great thing about this airplane is the fact that they are in fairly big demand. There was a lot of these airplanes produced & there are still a lot of them registered. But the interesting thing is that there are not a lot of them on the used market.

At any given time your only going to find a few really good ones up for sale that are totally restored, low time and have a reasonable price on them. So make sure you be patient when you are looking at the used ones that are for sale. Then when you find the one you like, be ready to get it!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Piper Super Cruiser

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Piper Super Cruiser

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Piper Super Cruiser





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