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Piper Saratoga For Sale - Why You Should Consider
Buying This Amazing Aircraft...

Piper Saratoga - The Best Low Wing Six Seater Turbo Aircraft For Your Money...

The Piper Saratoga is as close to flying in luxury as you can get! In my opinion, there is no other six seater that has the options that the Saratoga has for the price...

You can get a Beechcraft Bonanza, Cessna 210, Cessna 206, Piper Lance or the Piper Saratoga. There is no shortage of options - but you have to realize that if you are looking for the best priced airplane that can give you good speed, comfort & style - you’re going to want to consider the Saratoga.

I Want To Show You 3 Reasons Why You Should Think
About Owning This Airplane.

Reason #1 - It Is Usually Cheaper To Buy Then The Other Aircraft In It’s Class...

If you compare the cost of buying a Beechcraft Bonanza, Cessna 210 & the Cessna 206 to the Piper Saratoga, you are probably going to find that the Saratoga is going to be less money.

Sure you don’t have the Cessna or Beechcraft brand behind you, but the great thing is you can still get a lot of power & performance out of this aircraft and it completes very well with the other’s in it’s class.

Not only that - the Saratoga is a very nice airplane! It looks great on the outside and it is actually very comfortable on the inside and has club seating. So if you are looking to impress your passengers - this is the airplane to get.

So many people over look this aircraft because it is not one of the popular six seaters... That is a good thing for you if you are buying one! That means your likely going to get a good deal on one.

Reason #2 - Parts Are Going To Be Pretty Easy To Find When You Need Them..

One of the problems with getting other high performance aircraft models is the fact that you are going to have a hard time finding parts. The good thing about the Saratoga is the fact that it is simply an extension of the Cherokee and the Lance.

That means you are probably not going to have to wait 6 months to find parts when you need them.

Most local aviation mechanics should be able to fix your Saratoga without having many problems.

Sometimes when you buy a very specialized airplane, you end up getting yourself into trouble because you can't get parts or you have to wait months to get the parts. The chances are pretty good that is not going to happen when you get your Saratoga.

Hopefully it never needs repairing for the time that you own it! (-: But if it does, you should be in good hands.

Reason #3 - You Are Not Going To Find The Saratoga Hard To Fly If You've Flown Other Pipers.

The great thing about this aircraft is that it has very similar flight characteristics as the other Piper aircraft. Of course it will be different as it is bigger then a Cherokee, but you have to realize that it is not going to be like graduating to flying a 747!

If you have experience in other Piper's like the Cherokee, you are likely not going to have a lot of problems transitioning into the Saratoga...

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Piper Saratoga

Piper Saratoga

Piper Saratoga


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