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Piper Malibu - What You Need To Know About
Buying & Owning This Elite Piper Aircraft...

Piper Malibu Mirage - 3 Reasons You Should Consider Owning This Aircraft...

When it comes to luxury aircraft, you have to realize that there is not a lot of options to choose from. That is why you are going to want to make sure you have a really good look at the Piper Malibu Mirage...

It is by far the most luxurious Piper aircraft & quite frankly - one of the nicest personal aircrafts you can possibly buy! (In my opinion..)

IMPORTANT: Your obviously going to have to drop a bit of cash if you buy a Malibu... But remember, your buying luxury, performance & the ability to be at the top of the single engine food chain! (That has to be worth something!!) Ha, ha..

Seriously though - this is a great aircraft if you are in the price range for one & can make use of it.

I Want To Show You 3 Reasons Why You Want To Consider This Aircraft If You Are In The Market For One.

Reason #1 - Its Cabin Is Like No Other...

One of the best things about the Piper Malibu is the fact that you are going to have a pressurized cabin along with a really comfortable club seating configuration. Piper has gone to great lengths to make sure the cabin in the Malibu is top notch and it really shows.

They are quite easy to get into & once you are in one you will find that it is about the closest thing to the comfort of a personal jet without all the costs of a jet. There is a lot of room & with the club seating configuration, your going to have the ability to keep your passengers comfortable as well as bring a lot of luggage if you are just flying yourself.

Reason #2 - It Has A Lot Of Power...

The original Malibu’s started out with a 310 horsepower engine back in 1983 and due to multiple issues related to the engines and other things - they upgraded them to a 350 horsepower version in late 1988.

As far as speed goes, you will find that the 350 version will cruise at about 200 knots compared to 188 knots with the 310 horsepower engine. That is quite a bit of difference for only 40 extra horsepower.

SIDENOTE: You have to realize that a 200 knot cruise speed is VERY GOOD for a single engine... The Malibu will cruise faster then the twin engine Seneca III which cruises at about 185 knots. (Always variety the speeds with the POH). As long as having a second engine is not important to you - the Malibu is likely going to save you a lot in operating costs compared to having 2 engines to service, replace and fuel up.

Not only that, because it is turbo charged you are going to be able to cruise at about 25,000 feet! The best part is, the Malibu is pressurized so you are not going to have to wear air masks or nose tubes to feed you oxygen with you are flying.

Reason #3 - You Have Multiple Product Options...

You are going to be able to by the original version of the Malibu, the 350 horsepower version, the turbine Meridian, the Matrix & the aftermarket JetPROP version.

The great thing about the Malibu brand is the fact that it is a product line within itself and has lots of options for your flying needs. Piper has done a great job at creating multiple versions of this brand and have really done a great job at making sure they are all top notch!

The cruise speed of the Malibu Meridian is reported to be around 262 knots! That is pretty fast for a single engine airplane. A lot of very large twins don't even have cruise speeds that fast...

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Piper Malibu

Piper Malibu

Piper Malibu


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