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Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 140 - 2 Important Things You Should
Know About This 4 Seater

If you are thinking about getting an airplane that you can fly around for recreational use, you are really going to want think hard about getting the Piper Cherokee 140. It is a great 4 seater aircraft that will cruise at about 110 knots up at altitude and is very easy to handle.

This Piper brand has been in the air for around 50 years and had a great track record of producing awesome airplanes. When most people think about getting a four seater that will go about 110 knots, they think about a Cessna 172.

The Cessna 172 is a great airplane in its own right, but you have to realize that the Cherokee 140 is also a great airplane as well! Your going to likely love this airplane if you enjoy flying a low wing aircraft.

What Every Pilot Should Know About
The Piper Cherokee 140

#1 - They Are Different Then Other High Wing Competitors (Here's Why This Is Important)

You have to realize that the Cherokee 140 compares with the Cessna 172 in terms of the amount of people you can haul. Both airplanes will technically allow you to haul around 3 people plus the pilot.

The difference is in that they are both very different airplanes to fly! You have to understand that when you are trying to land a 172, you have very large wings above you that can catch a lot of cross wind between them and the fuselage. That means it can be harder to land when you are dealing with cross winds.

The Cherokee 140 is a low wing airplane and does not have the same landing issues.
Sure you are going to have to be awake when you land it, but you will probably find that in cross winds it will be easier to control and land.

I trained on a modified version of the 140 and was really glad I did! It was very easy to land and handled very well in cross winds. That is a very important feature, because if you are a low time pilot or just starting out, you don't want to wipe out your landing gear! (-:

#2 - They Have A Built In "Ascension System" (You'll Really Like This)

The great thing about a Cherokee 140 is that if you ever want to buy a bigger Piper aircraft, you are going to be able to do so without a lot of problems. The Cherokee 140 have similar flight characteristics as the bigger planes in the Piper family.

That means you are probably going to have a lot easier of a time getting used to a higher powered Piper down the road. One day you might want to trade in your Cherokee for bigger single engine Piper like the Arrow or Saratoga.

Or you might want to upsize to a twin like the Seneca! The great thing about doing this is the dash & flight characteristics are still somewhat similar to the Cherokee. The Cherokee is the foundational airplane that all the other bigger models are built on for the most part.

Sure your going to have some learning to do if you upsize, but you will still have some familiarities to work with! Don't underestimate the importance of this issue. You never know when you are going to get bored of flying your Cherokee.

Sure they are fun to fly and everything that goes along with it, but you might out grow it and want to get yourself a bigger Piper aircraft. And the great thing about the Cherokee is that you really have a "head start" in terms of familiarity of the flight characteristics of the smaller Piper aircrafts.

One Of The "Most Important" Reasons To Buy This Aircraft

The price... The great thing about the Cherokee 140 is the fact that you could literally spend more on buying a used SUV then you could on a Cherokee. It is very reasonably priced for what you get and can give you a lot of flying fun for the investment that you have to make financially.

And if your looking for something to fly around on your time off work, this is a great airplane. Sure it is not a new LSA, but your not going to have to pay six figures for it either. The price is very reasonable and this bird should give you a lot of years of fun in the sky.

The Bottom Line:

This is a great airplane to fly and potentially own... It is very simple in terms of the technology and mechanical elements. Your not going to have to deal with a full on "digital dash" in a used airplane unless the previous owner stuck one in & you won't have to deal with landing gear...

The Cherokee is simple and blast to fly... So make sure you checkout this Piper classic if your looking to get your own airplane.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 140


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