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Paradise P-1

Paradise Aircraft - This Is A Luxury Aircraft You Need To Know More About...

As you probably know, there are no shortage of 2 seater light sport aircrafts on the market these days. But there is one that stands out in terms of luxury finishing's that has some cool features. That is the Paradise P-1 aircraft. It is a very nice looking airplane with some very well thought out features you should know about...

IMPORTANT: When you are looking at buying an LSA, you have to make sure you look beyond the performance. LSA's and S-LSA's are regulated in terms of speed, weight, exc. That means if you want a super fast airplane, you'll either have to look beyond the LSA or you should focus on other features. That is where the Paradise P-1 shines... It has a lot of great features...

Here's Some Great Features The Paradise P-1 Aircraft Has...

#1 - It Is A Very Classy Aircraft...

Even there logo looks classy and resembles something of a Bentley or Rolls Royce. This airplane is very well thought out and very detailed. First off, it has leather seats... That is a standard feature in this airplane.

Not only are they leather - they are very nice looking leather seats. And along with having leather seats comes all the comforts of this feature and they simply look great! Just having leather interior makes the whole airplane look better.

The other thing Paradise Aircraft has done with the P-1 is they have added tinted windows as well. The nice thing about having tinted windows is when your sitting on the taxiway waiting in line to take off on a hot day, the tint should keep you cooler!

#2 - This Airplane Has Moveable & Removable Seats...

One of the problems with some airplanes, especially smaller LSA's is that you don't have room between your knee's and the dash of the airplane. If your taller, your going to have to fold yourself up to fit into some of the cockpits of some LSA airplanes.

With the Paradise P-1, you should not have that problem unless you are super tall. The seats go back quite away's and you should have lots of room between your knees and the dash in front of you.

Not only is that important for comfort, but it is important for safety as well. You don't want to feel cramped into an airplane in the event you ever had to deal with an emergency situation. Not only that, if your flying in rough weather or turbulence - being cramped into small spot is not going to be a very fun experience.

The added benefit of this airplane is that they have been very sensitive to people with disabilities and who are in wheelchairs.(1) So that is a nice thing to see.

So if your looking for a 2 seater LSA that is very roomy and comfortable with a touch of class - your going to want to have a look at this airplane.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Paradise Aircraft

Paradise Aircraft

Paradise Aircraft


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