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Mooney M20K 252 --- What You Need To Know
About This Flying Sports Car...

Want To Buy A Mooney M20K 252 That Is For Sale? Here's What You Need To Know...

A long time desire of many general aviation pilots is to own a high-speed small aircraft. There are a few options on the market, but the Mooney brand has long been the premier choice for pilots wanting speed and performance.

One of the rare and special general aviation aircraft on the market is the Mooney M20K 252. The Mooney M20 brand is already backed by a reputation of high-speed reliable operations. With a twenty-year production run, the Mooney M20 series is dedicated to matching performance and speed to superior engineering and turbocharged engines.

IMPORTANT: The mark of performance in the M20 series is the M20K 252, a workhorse that can deliver over 252 miles-per-hour at a cruising altitude of 28,000 feet. While this plane isn’t the largest Mooney model, it’s the most powerful in terms of speed and engine performance.

With the Mooney 252, you can feel like a commercial pilot soaring at heights matched by serious jets and turbine-powered planes. At this height, your travel time is cut by a quarter and even at such high performance, fuel prices are reasonable.

This Is The Real Deal

While some airplanes are designed to be extra stable and “user” friendly, the Mooney 252 is designed for the confidant pilot with moderate to high aviation skills. The Mooney 252 comes equipped with an environmental control system that includes oxygen throughout the cabin since the cruising altitude is so high. The Mooney 252 is also very fast for a single engine aircraft.

No pilot should go from the Cessna 140 to this Mooney model without prior experience in such a high-powered general aviation aircraft. At such high speeds, mistakes become more dangerous and require quicker correction to prevent total airplane loss. Also, this airplane is not for hauling. The Mooney 252 can comfortably fit two adults but feels very cramped with four adults. This is truly the sports car of the general aviation hobby.

Maintenance and Costs

Mooney parts have a bad reputation of being extremely high priced. The good news about Mooney is while the prices for maintenance tend to run higher than other general aviation aerospace firms, Mooney parts are guaranteed for life.

SIDENOTE: Mooney owners also find themselves surrounded by a tight-knit network of Mooney enthusiasts and certified Mooney repair specialists. It’s this special treatment and social system that draws many pilots to the Mooney brand.

If you’re in the market for this speedster, you should plan on spending a minimum $200,000 and much more for a custom model. Currently there are around 240 M20K 252s on the market, but there is no shortage of Mooney parts or certified maintainers.

Comparable plans do not come with such a robust support system, which is important especially for newer pilots looking for maintenance tips and tricks to keep their plane brand new.

Additions and Customization

The Mooney 252 is a great customizable aircraft! Not only can consumers get custom trim and cabin decor, they can also receive upgraded avionics and GPS packages that sweeten the deal of this expensive but very powerful aircraft.

For a newer pilot with enough skill to fly a Mooney, simple tools such as these are not only convenient, but are a part of the plane’s safety features. Simple additions such as these can make a Mooney 252 feel like just the right plane for you!

Why a Mooney May Be Just Right for You

Mooney aircraft, especially the higher sports performance models like the 252, come with an exclusive club with access to veteran aviation experts and maintainers. The Mooney 252 is designed for aviators who love and cherish their planes, not just for their hauling or capacity, but also for their engineering and art.

Mooney aircraft are also prized for their performance and their portability. The Mooney network stretches across the country and all mechanics that work on Mooney aircraft have to be certified to perform any maintenance.

If you’re looking for a performance packed sports aircraft, the Mooney 252 is a perfect option that’s reasonably priced and option-ready.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Mooney M20K 252

Mooney M20K 252

Mooney M20K 252


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