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Mooney M20K 231 --- Why This Turbo Charged
Mooney Speedster Might Be Right For You...

The Mooney M20K 231 Is A Great Option If Your Looking To Buy A Mooney That Is For Sale - Here's Why...

The Mooney M20K 231 came out of the M20J's due to the desire to increase the engine size and horsepower. The M20J's at the time were four cylinder engines and the M20K's were upgraded to 6 cylinder engines for more speed and performance.

The M20K 231 evolved into a very fast and very powerful airplane that has continued to add value to the Mooney brand. Mooney has become almost legendary in terms of creating very fast and very high performance single engine airplanes.

SIDENOTE: You have to make sure you test fly a few different versions of the Mooney aircraft before you settle on one of them. They have a lot of models to choose from and most are pretty quick! The biggest variable you need to consider is your budget... And if your budget allows - you should really take a second & third look at the M20K 231...

Here Are 2 Great Reasons Why The Mooney M20K
231 Is Such A Great Airplane...

Reason #1 - It Is Really, Really Fast!

The bottom line is that when you buy an airplane your probably going to want to get one that will go fast. I can almost promise you that if you buy a flying boat anchor, your going to get board out of your mind and want to sell it for something faster.

There is nothing worse then buying an airplane that is slow. Most people who fly single engine airplanes want to go fast and have fun... If you want to go slow, there are lots of options for slow airplanes out there.

The Mooney M20K 231 will cruise at about 185 knots up at altitude.. There have been reports of it going over 190 knots in terms of true airspeed, but a lot of it is going to depend on your power settings, weight, exc.

Still - 185 to 190 knot cruise speed is really, really fast! In fact, that is faster then a number of the light twin engine airplanes that you can buy on the market these days.

Because of the fact that it is turbo charged, your going to be able to go a lot higher then normal so you can avoid the traffic and weather. Not only that, it is not going to take you long to get up to altitude as they climb at around 1,050 feet per minute.

Reason #2 - They Are Not That Expensive...

Sure it is going to cost you about $100,000 to $150,000 to get one, but when you compare it to other airplanes that will give you the same performance, your probably going to see just how well priced this airplane is on the used market.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you really think about how many people will be flying with you. If you know that 90% of the time you are going to fly by yourself or with 2 others, then don't get a six seater. A lot of pilots make the mistake of getting a six seater because they think they will use it & then they end up flying it half empty 90% of the time...

The important thing to remember when you get a Mooney 231 is that you make sure you get one that has low total time on it. You should think twice about getting one that has high total time but has all kinds of cool gadgets. You can always add those in, but you are never going to be able to shave 1,000 hours of total time off the airplane.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Mooney M20K 231

Mooney M20K 231

Mooney M20K 231


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