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Mooney M20J - Here's What You Need To Know
About This Great Mooney...

Mooney M20J 201 - Is This One Of The Best In It's Class?

The Mooney brand is associated with one word among general aviation enthusiasts: power. Many general aviation pilots drool at the prospect of flying and even owning a Mooney aircraft. Mooney is known for superior engineering and performance with a price. That price also provides a selective global club of Mooney flyers, complete with a network of Mooney maintenance support and parts.

SIDENOTE: The Mooney M20Js were one of the first Mooney models to exceed performance specifications and offer enhanced cabin comfort and support. Earlier Mooney models were focused primarily on power and speed, vice heavy payload lifting and cabin comfort. The M20J was the first true Mooney comfort series-model, which also came with a heavier payload capacity and improved fuel efficiency.

Among the M20J models, the 201 is one of the most sought-after Mooneys on the market. The 201 offers an increased payload capacity and a very sturdy, heavy airframe that outperforms other M20Js in turbulence and rain. The M20J 201 also feels steadier in flight and works well even with less experienced general aviation pilots.

Here’s 2 Great Reasons Why This Might Be A Great Entry Level Airplane For You To Look At Buying...

The M20J Design: 201’s Superiority

• The M20J 201 came standard with plush seating and coordinating color schemes that provided neutral pleasing design

Interior molding came standard which added nice clean lines throughout the cabin of the aircraft

• Many models came with a leather plush seating option, which added an element of class and refinement

Each seat is also larger than the standard seat offered in any other Mooney model, perfect for larger passengers and executive business travel

The Mooney M20J 201’s airframe appearance is also very streamlined an attractive. When you fly a Mooney M20J 201 into an airport, you attract the eye of every general aviation enthusiast and pilot.

In addition to a great interior, let’s not forget what every pilot is most interested in: the instruments and flight experience. Mooney did not neglect to make the M20J 201 experience an amazing flyer with power and unmatched smoothness.

The Mooney M20J 201’s instrumentation comes with a standard T-style configuration that’s easily upgraded to an enhanced avionics package. Many of the used models on the market will have an enhanced avionics package retrofitted into digital support and GPS.

The Mooney M20J 201 is also more IFR-friendly than previous Mooney models because it was the first Mooney to match the standard avionics display common throughout the general aviation industry. Many pilots won’t buy earlier Mooney models because of the difficulty that IFR flight poses in these aircraft. The Mooney M20J 201 has a clean avionics interface that makes IFR extremely easy and comfortable.

Mooney Design and Flight Experience

The 201 is similar to previous Mooney models in the placement of the instrumentation and flight experience. The Mooney cockpit has a characteristic feel that places the pilot very close up with the gauges and instrumentation. For shorter pilots and smaller pilots, this is quite comfortable and many actually prefer this setup. For larger flyers, this can be a deterrent from buying a Mooney. Before you buy, always ensure you want this style of aircraft to fly.

Flying a M20J 201 is akin to driving a very strong sturdy luxury car. The M20J comes with a heavier frame than any other comparable model and it handles with superior ability in tough turbulence and weather. For inexperienced Mooney pilots, this makes the M20J 201 a perfect Mooney starter plane.

IMPORTANT: Another feature of the M20J 201 is the power it packs for its size. The 201 has extra soundproofing, but don’t be fooled by the quiet 201 operations. The M20J is one of the very powerful Mooney models that can fly very fast and very far. Tight flight constraints of the Mooney brand allow very rapid turns as well.

Buying a Mooney M20J 201 is actually less expensive than you probably think. A well maintained model with a fresh engine overhaul will run you around $125,000 and a moderate-level M20J 201 will run around $100,000. Less expensive than a newer Mooney, you can get into the Mooney club at a competitive price with a great plane.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Mooney M20J

Mooney M20J

Mooney M20J


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