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Mooney M20E --- Is This Classic High Performance Mooney Right For You?...

Here's A Few Things You Should Know About This Classic Mooney...

When it comes to high performance single engine airplanes, Mooney has spend decades perfecting their formula. And one of the early and more cost effective versions of their high performance airplanes is the Mooney M20E.

This is model is an upgrade from the M20C and has a 200 horsepower engine in it. This airplane was produced from 1964 to 1975 is is still a very popular used airplane on the market today...

SIDENOTE: You have to make sure you be careful when you are looking at the M20E. Mooney created to versions of this airplane over the years. The first one is the M-20-E Chaparral and the second one is the M-20-E Super 21 Chaparral. (Keep reading for more details about the difference..)

Here's 2 Reasons Why You Should Give The Mooney M20E
A Second Look If Your Looking For An Airplane...

Reason #1 - It Is One Of The Top Performing Models For It's Class...

The great thing about the M20E is that even though it was designed and produced in the 60's and 70's, it is still a very fast airplane. Not only that, it can outperform many and if not most of the comparable airplanes on the used market today.

The M20E Chaparral is going to cruise at about 160 knots and the "Super" is going to cruise at about 165 knots. Now, these are ball park numbers as you have to factor in other things like weight, weather, exc. But for a 200 horsepower airplane that was produced decades ago - those are very good numbers.

The "Super" does perform a bit better & you might want to look at getting one, but you have to realize that there is only about a 5 knot difference in cruise speed between the two models.

But you have to realize that for the most part, a 200 horsepower Cessna 177 RG is only going to cruise at about 145 to 150 knots. The 177 is a great airplane in it's own right and many people love it - but when you are comparing speeds - there is virtually no comparison. The M20E is simply FAST!!

Reason #2 - It Is Still A Very Affordable Airplane...

First of all, you are going to have to make sure you realize that you are not likely going to find a 1967 M20E with 500 hours of total time on it. When you are looking at buying airplanes that are from decades ago, you have to make sure you realize that they are going to have higher total times on them.

That said, I have seen M20E's on the market with 2,000 hours of total time... But if you can find a good one that has under 3,000 hours your going to be doing well! And as far as prices go, your going to probably be able to get a good one for around or under $55,000 to $60,000 USD.

IMPORTANT: I have seen some for a lot less then that, but that is a good ball park number to look at if you are wanting to get a good one that you are not going to have to totally rebuild. Now, you have to realize that your getting a high performance airplane that is faster then most other 200 horsepower airplanes in its class.

Not only that - it has retractile gear which also makes it go faster! So if you are not looking to haul around a ton of stuff and people, you are going to want to take a serious look at this airplane as it could be the perfect classic 4 seater for you & your situation.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Mooney M20E

Mooney M20E

Mooney M20E


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