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Mooney Encore --- Here's What This "Upgraded"
Mooney Can Do For You...

The Mooney Encore Is A True Flying Machine - Here's Why...

The Mooney M20K was a plane that was produced for nearly 20 years as the powerful standard of the industry of single engine aircraft. Pilots the world over sought out the M20K for its performance and top shelf service record. Nowadays, the Mooney M20K Encore continues to fly that same banner and many consider it one of the greatest general aviation airplanes ever built.

Need More Power?

A lot of pilots who flew the Mooney M20K wanted a little more power, and the Mooney Encore was the answer. It was the next step in the evolution of the Mooney brand, so to speak. The Mooney Encore was first rolled out in 1997 as a result of many pilots’ desire for more horsepower in their M20Ks. Mooney’s answer to this conundrum was the Encore, which provided 10 more points of horsepower (hp) to the already stacked M20K 252.

SIDENOTE: The Mooney Encore also provided design upgrades. The most prominent being the considerable boost in useful load. You can haul even more cargo (or weightier passengers) in the Mooney Encore than you could with the old M20K.

Newer, modern avionics and a more distinguished cabin design serve to attract even more pilots to the Mooney Encore. Increased cabin lighting, even more plush seats, and more cabin space all make the Encore even more striking a prospect.

Why Buy an Encore?

Why buy an Encore? That’s really the question, isn’t it? If you are a loyal Mooney customer you may look at another one of their great models for a variety of reasons. They all have their attractions. The Encore’s main attraction is its power and the strength of the M20 line it has behind it. There are Mooney models with more power, but they lack the sophistication and refinement that the Encore has.

When you’re looking at the M20 line as a whole, you’re looking at not only the best Mooney has to offer, but the best that the single engine aircraft industry has to offer. It’s hard to say that about many planes, but Mooney has everything it needs to back up that statement. You can’t go wrong with any Mooney aircraft and the Encore is another great plane in a large group of great planes.

Price vs. Other Considerations

Nowadays, the Mooney Encore will cost you about $200,000 (maybe even a little lower these days, if you’re lucky) and of course there are many bells and whistles that you can get that will increase that price, and your overall experience when you are piloting the plane.

If you get a TSIO 360 LB or GB engine in your Encore, make sure you keep an eye out for early cylinder wear. In other words, when you buy your Encore ask how many flying hours it’s had since its last engine overhaul. Your Mooney Encore should have a complete engine overhaul every 1,800 flying hours or so regardless of the engine, just to be safe.

Because of this, avoid buying an Encore with more than 1,000 hours since its last overhaul.

IMPORTANT: But when you compare the $200K price tag with the luxury and power you get with the Mooney Encore you can see that it is well worth it. The Mooney brand is one that carries a certain price tag with the name because it has a history of quality that stands behind it.

When you buy a Mooney Encore you are buying that quality and you know that you are getting a great airplane for your money. The joy you’ll get out of not just flying the plane, but the peace of mind you’ll have after your purchase is invaluable.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what kind of airplane you want to buy and whether or not that airplane will be a Mooney Encore. The best thing to do is to look around at all your options within your price range and see how much plane you can get for your dollar.

Fortunately, the Encore is one of those planes that gives you a lot for your dollar. As long as you take care of it, you’ll have a great, sporty aircraft that will give you plenty of enjoyment for years to come.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Mooney Encore

Mooney Encore

Mooney Encore


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