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Mooney Acclaim --- The Details On This Great
Mooney Aircraft...

Want To Buy A Mooney Acclaim That Is For Sale? Here's What You Need To Know...

Mooney single engine aircraft are planes known for their speed, power, and range. When pilots fly a Mooney, they say it’s like flying a sports car in the sky when compared to many other similar craft. The Mooney Acclaim is at the top of the list when you are looking for sheer power in a single engine aircraft money. Let’s take a look at what this exemplary plane has to offer and why you should be flying one.

Pick Your Pleasure

The most modern model of Mooney Acclaim out there is the Acclaim Type-S Model. This plane is powered by a beefy 280 hp turbocharged engine and has a range of nearly 1,800 miles when carrying a 1000-pound payload. Not only is the airframe engineered beautifully, the Type-S also comes packed with modern instruments such as auto-navigation, GPS (global positioning system), and an all-glass cockpit featuring LCD screens.

SIDENOTE: In addition to its power, the Acclaim has some of the greatest comfort features to be found nowadays. The Mooney Acclaim comfortably fits up to 4 passengers and features comfortable leather seats, plenty of room for trays and cup holders, a Bose sound system for each person, and it even has airbags. The plane’s cabin also has some of the largest, widest windows you can find in such planes. Families flying with their children particularly love this feature.

In addition to top performance and premium comfort, the Acclaim is proud to have one of the top safety records you will find in the industry of general aviation. The Mooney Acclaim’s design is key. It features a one-piece wing spar with a tested rating of up to 9 Gs (a measurement of gravity).

The Acclaim also features a roll cage and each seat has its own airbags. The Mooney Acclaim also has a repair and maintenance nationwide warranty that makes it very easy for to get service no matter what airport you’ve landed at. There’s nothing worse than being stranded at an airport far from home while you wait for your plane to get fixed. This makes that situation a bit easier to deal with.

Why Should You Buy an Acclaim?

There are plenty of reasons to buy a Mooney Acclaim, but here are a few things that immediately come to mind.

• While many pilots may cite the Mooney Rocket as the go-to plane for speed and power, the newer Acclaim (which kind of succeeded the Rocket) is actually faster.

• The Acclaim’s Continental IO-550 turbocharged engine with dual intercoolers is truly something to behold; a powerplant that gives you the speed and performance you want.

• The Acclaim is the latest (and possibly last) in a long line of great aircraft from Mooney.

What Kind of Cost Are You Looking At?

The Mooney Acclaim is a newer aircraft, so of course it will cost more than older aircraft. Older aircraft are kept up to such a high standard that the used aircraft market is nothing like the used car market. In other words, don’t be afraid to buy a used airplane.

On the other hand, a newer aircraft will need less maintenance and the like and will often offer higher performance because of the advance of technology and some good old trial and error in the form of thorough testing.

IMPORTANT: That’s what you are getting with the Acclaim. Mooney has had a lot of time to perfect their single engine aircraft and each iteration got better and better over the years. The Acclaim is a newer plane and has all the bells and whistles you could ever want, but it will cost you at least $400,000. Planes with even more tacked on features will cost even more, of course.

In the end, if your budget will allow for it you should definitely give the Mooney Acclaim a chance. Once you fly this plane you will fall in love with it. It has all the modern amenities you’ve come to love in new single engine aircraft and a rich history of quality and service to back it all up.

When you fly a Mooney Acclaim you know you are flying one of the best new single engine airplane out there on the market today.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Mooney Acclaim

Mooney Acclaim

Mooney Acclaim


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