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Maule M-7...

Maule M7 - Here's What You Should Know About This Very Unique Aircraft...

If you are looking for a tail dragger aircraft your going to want to have a second look at the Maule M7 by Maule Air. They have reportedly sold over 2,500 aircraft in their first 50 years of business. That's a pretty good sign that they seem to know what they are doing.

IMPORTANT: You have to realize that when you start looking into the M7 model line by Maule, your going to find that there are about 19 different variations of this Muale model. So make sure you know this before you go looking for one that is right for you. It can be pretty confusing if you don't focus on the right one.

Here's 2 Things You Should Know About The Maule M-7...

First - They Are Very Reasonably Priced For What You Are Getting...

The great thing about the Maule M7 is the fact that they are priced very reasonably considering the age. After browsing ones that are currently for sale, I was able to find a very nice 1988 MX7 235 for sale that was priced at $79,500 USD.

That is not a bad price for a 235 horsepower airplane that was built in 1988! Sure you can spend less on other tail dragger airplanes, but you have to realize that there is a big difference in engineering design from 1960 to 1988. So even if you can get a tail dragger made by another manufacture that was made in the 1960s for less, just remember that by paying a bit more you will get access to better design technology.

Second - You Can Add More Seating To Most Models...

The cool thing about the Maule M7 is the fact that it is long and has the ability for you to add in more seating. Because of the design of this airplane, your going to be able to fit 2 in the front, possibly 3 in the back (depending on which model) and then you have a potential kids seating in the 3rd row as well.

I have seen M7's for sale that are stating they have room for 6 people. Now, your probably not going to want to pack in 2 adults in the 3rd row, but it is nice to know you can fit kids or a lot of luggage back there.

Also, the great thing about all this is the fact that even if you are only flying with a couple people you are going to have a lot of room and will not likely feel cramped.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Maule M7

Maule M7

Maule M7


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