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MD3 Rider

MD3 Rider - This Is A Nice Looking 2 Seater With Some Very Cool Features...

One of the best things about getting a new or newer 2 light sport aircraft is you can take advantage of a lot of the latest technology and aviation engineering. Not only that, you can get a brand new or close to new airplane for a lot less then you would have otherwise had to pay for a larger fixed wing 4 seater airplane.

And that is the great thing about the MD3 Rider! It's nice looking, light, S-LSA classified (check your country) and it not that expensive. Not only that, you get to take advantage of the latest technology verses having to buy an airplane that was made 40 years ago and used the technology of 40 years ago.

Here's Why The MD3 Rider Might Be A Good Choice
If Your Looking For A 2 Seater Airplane...

First - It Looks To Be Very Well Built...

This airplane has an all metal semi-monocoque airframe that has been riveted from aluminum alloy sheets with blind rivets. That's pretty good in terms of being built well.

Not only has the manufacture built this airplane well, they have done a few really good things to help make it even better in this very competitive LSA market. First, they give you an option to have folding wings.(1)

Your going to have to pay a bit extra for the folding wings, but by having them your going to be able to store your MD3 Rider in some pretty tight spots if you need to. If you get the folding wings option, your going to be able to store it in a very small space in terms of width.

That means you don't have to rent a whole hanger! You can just rent part of a hanger if needed. This is really helpful for people in cold weather who need to get their airplanes out of the ice and snow but who don't want to pay $500 a month for a full hanger.

The other thing they have done is made the cabin 46" wide.(2) That's pretty wide for a small airplane like the MD3 Rider. In fact, that width will rival some small twin engine airplanes in terms of space. And the great thing about having that extra room is that you should not be rubbing elbows with your passenger.

Second - It Has Some Good Performance Specs...

One of the great things about this airplane is it's payload. With full fuel, your still going to be able to carry 456 pounds with you!(3) That means you can fly with yourself, a passenger and a good amount of luggage or cargo weight.

The great thing about this is that you don't have to take less fuel and that means you can go further on your long distance cross country flights. No more having to stop off every 2 hours for more fuel...

Another great thing about the performance specs of this airplane is that it has a maximum rate of climb of 1180 feet per minute.(4) That is really good for a small 2 seater like the MD3. The reason the rate of climb is so important is because you are going to want to get up to cruise altitude fast so you can pull the power back and burn less fuel.

This airplane has some great features and if your in the market for a 2 seater S-LSA, have a look at it.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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MD3 Rider

MD3 Rider

MD3 Rider


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