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Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft - Is Buying An LSA Right For You?.

If you are in the market for an airplane, you have to seriously consider buying a Light Sport Aircraft. There is a lot of advantages to owning an LSA and you need to look at them. At the same time, if you want to fly a four seater - then getting an LSA is not going to do much good for you as they are 2 seaters...

Since the rise of the manufactured Light Sport Aircraft movement, manufactures have been putting out a lot of very nice airplanes that are loaded with the latest avionics, GPS systems and safety features. But is a Light Sport Aircraft right for you?

Here's 2 Things To Think About In Regards To
Getting A Light Sport Aircraft

First - They Are VERY Economical

One of the biggest advantages of getting a Light Sport Aircraft is the fact that they are very economical to run and keep in the air. A lot of them only have 100 horsepower (or about that) so you are not going to be burning a lot of fuel when you are at cruise.

You should only burn around 4 to 5 gallons per hour for most of them when you are at cruise altitude and cruise power settings. That's not a lot of fuel burn when you think about it. You can go a long, long ways on only burning that amount of fuel.

And when you compare it to a 4 seater airplane that you can buy from the 1970's with a 180 horsepower engine, you have to realize that you will likely save a massive amount of money in direct operating costs.

That said, you can only take one passenger though. But if you are okay with that, then you should seriously consider an LSA. You are going to lose a bit in terms of the cruise speed verses a bigger full size four seater, but what you loose in speed you gain in range and lower amounts of fuel burn.

Second - The Technology Is Really Cool:

The great thing about the light sport aircrafts that you can buy now days is that you can get some pretty cool features in some of them. Some of the manufactures offer a parachute system as an option.

That is a great feature because if you blow your engine or have a serious in flight emergency, you can pull the leaver and the parachute will open and hopefully help get you safely to the ground.

One of the other things that is really cool about the technology in some of the new LSA's is digital dash and the glass cockpits that they have. If you are into avionics and want the newest and best - you don't have to look very hard to find these things in some of the LSA's that are coming on the market these days.

So if you can justify the price of a new or slightly used Light Sport Aircraft, you could have a lot of fun flying ahead of you and be able to enjoy some of the greatest advancements and features recreational flying as to offer.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft


Light Sport Aircraft For Sale - LSA For Sale

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