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Light Sport Aircraft Sales

Light Sport Aircraft Sales - Where's The Best Place To Look To Find Your Next LSA?

If your looking to buy a Light Sport Aircraft you probably have realized that you have a lot of choices! Not only that, there are more and more options and designs coming out all the time as the LSA market is still growing and getting bigger.

So the question is: Where do you go to find the right one that is for sale and how do you know it is going to be the right one for you? The problem with having to many options is that you end up getting mentally paralyzed and can over analize everything that is on the market and never end up doing anything!

Here's 2 Tips On Getting Your Next Light Sport Aircraft:

First - Try And Use A Broker:

The one great thing about the airplane buying market is that if you are looking to get something, you can call a broker and get them to do the work for you. If you are a first time aircraft buyer, there is no point at going at it all by yourself when you can use a broker.

The reason that you would want to use one when you are buying an LSA is because of the fact that they will likely know the market better then you. If they are a good broker and move lots of airplanes, they are going to know exactly what is selling & what you should be staying away from.

Not only that - they are probably really good at negotiating you the best deals. If you are not a good negotiator, you might end up over paying for your airplane just because you don't know how to best structure the purchase.

The other reason your going to want to consider using a broker is because of the fact that they are connected to buyers, sellers and others in the aviation community. If you can tap into their network, you might be able to find a better airplane that you never even knew about.

So - contact a few brokers and find one that you are comfortable with...

Second - Look At Both New & Used Models:

It is very important that you consider both markets. You might be looking for a new LSA, but you have to realize that you might also be able to get a used one for tens of thousands less and really not give up very much.

A lot of the used ones that are only a couple years old have only a few hundred hours on them in terms of total time. And because some of these manufactures are coming out with new models all the time, the used ones sometimes will drop in value to the point where it makes sense to pick one up and save the money.

Or take that money and reinvest it into new toys for your newer airplane! (-: With that ten or twenty thousand you might save on buying a used model, you could easily take that and get some pretty nice upgrades on your LSA or put it towards a hanger.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Light Sport Aircraft Sales

Light Sport Aircraft Sales

Light Sport Aircraft Sales


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