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Light Sport Aircraft Cost

Light Sport Aircraft Cost - How To Know The Amount You Should Be Spending On Buying An LSA...

The great thing about buying a Light Sport Aircraft is the fact that you can get a new or newer one for a lot less then you would otherwise have to pay for a full size 4 seater single engine airplane that is new.

And the great thing about it is that you can get access to all the latest technology, safety features and engineering that you would have otherwise not been able to have access to unless you planned on spending multiple six figures.

Here's 2 Important Things You Need To Know About The
Cost Of Buying A Light Sport Aircraft

First - Make Sure You Buy Something That You Can Resell...

When it comes to the cost of a light sport aircraft, most pilots look at one thing --- how much it will cost to buy... The problem with this is that if you only focus on that number your going to get yourself into a lot of trouble because you eventually are going to want to sell your LSA.

Either because you are going to quit flying or because you want to upsize and get something bigger and better. A lot of pilots only think about the hear and now. They think about the type of airplane they want today and what it should cost right now.

That is fine and you have to think about those things, but at the same time you are going to want to make sure you focus on thinking about if you can get rid of it for a good price down the road. So if you have to pay a few thousand more to get a good LSA that you know there is a long history of that manufacture being in the market - you might want to do that over buying something that is brand new.

Second - Make Sure You Do The Proper Price Comparisons:

What this means is - you need to realize that if you are going to spend $150,000 USD on a brand new LSA, you have to compare that to a similar model that you would get from another manufacture.

It is unfair to compare a $150,000 USD LSA to a used Cessna 150 that has been around for ever and is old. Sure your going to get the Cessna 150 for a lot cheaper... But it is a totally different airplane and was manufactured in a different generation. So to compare the two would not be fair to yourself.

If you do that kind of thing - your going to end up buying the old used airplane verses the new one just based on the fact that it is so much cheaper. So make sure you set your budget & then find a few similar airplanes to compare against each other and get an accurate price that you are comfortable with paying.

If you do it this way your going to get a better understanding of the comparabiles and know the right price to pay for the LSA that you are looking at buying.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Light Sport Aircraft Cost

Light Sport Aircraft Cost

Light Sport Aircraft Cost


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