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Kitfox Super Sport

Kitfox Super Sport - Here's Why This Could Be The Right S-LSA For You...

If your looking for a great 2 seater airplane that is an S-LSA, your going to want to have a look at the Kitfox Super Sport. Not only is this a great looking airplane, it is priced very well and has some really great features that you are going to want to know about...

IMPORTANT: Kitfox has been around for a long time in the kit built market. The first one was designed 27 years ago and there has been over 5,000 kits produced in 42 countries.(1) The great thing about Kitfox is that they have figured out how to make small, light airplanes. That is why when they came out with the manufactured "Super Sport" (S-LSA) it was a hit and has some great specs.

Here's Two Things You Should Know About The Kitfox Super Sport...

First - It Is Priced Very Well For What You Are Getting...

If you are looking for a great little 2 seater to flying around, the great thing about the Kitfox is that it is priced well under $100,000 USD. You can get a new one (manufactured) for $88,495 USD.(2) That is a pretty good price considering what you are getting.

Sure you can spend 1/2 that and get yourself a 30 year old fixed wing 2 seater airplane, but your going to likely get one that has thousands of hours on the airframe and you have to deal with 30 year old technology. There is nothing wrong with a 30 year old airplane, but if you can spend the extra few bucks and get a new Kitfox Super Sport your going to be able to bypass a lot of the issues you would have with a 30 year old airplane.

For one, your going to have a warranty on it for at least a little while. That is going to save you from expensive surprises that potentially come up & your going to have the pleasure of flying an airplane that has been built with current technology and engineering.

Second - This Airplane Can Get You In And Out Of Some Really Tight Places...

The one thing that I love about the Kitfox Super Sport is the fact that it is a great airplane to get you into tight spots. The takeoff roll is 320' & the landing roll is 330' on this great little high wing airplane.(3)

Not only that, the rate of climb is 1150 fpm!(4) That is really good considering how small this airplane is! The amount of lift that they have been able to get out of this airplane is really good. So when you factor in the amazing takeoff & landing roll with the rate of climb, you can see how this airplane can give you a lot of options.

So if your looking for a 2 seater that can do the above, your going to really want to have a look at the Kitfox Super Sport. Not only is it priced great, it is also able to get into a lot of tight spots.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Kitfox Super Sport

Kitfox Super Sport

Kitfox Super Sport


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