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Jabiru J230

Jabiru J230-SP - If You Want An All Around Great 2 Seater - Check Out This One...

Some light sport aircrafts are quick, others look nice and others your just not sure about! The Jabiru 230 is one of those airplanes that looks great, is quick and well built with lots of great features that can really make your flying experience very enjoyable.

The great thing about getting a brand new or slightly used LSA is the fact that you can take advantage of the latest improvements in technology. Sure you can get a 30 year old 2 seater for a lot less, but the reality is that you are going to have to spend way more time fixing it then you likely will if you buy a newer one.

Not only that, these new ones in most cases are lighter, have really good flight characteristics and are pretty cool looking with their predominant digital dashes, exc.

Here's 2 Things You Need To Know About The Jabiru 230 Before
You Buy One...

First - They Have A Popular Engine In Them...

The bottom line is that if you have an airplane with a bad engine or one that you can't find parts for, your going to get rid of it and or spend a lot of time and money taking care of it. That should not be the case if you get a Jabiru J230.

They have a six-cylinder JABIRU 3300 engine in them.(1) Not only does Jabiru build the airplane, they also manufacture the engine as well... Not only that, the Jabiru engines are very popular. According to their website, there is around 2,000 of there engines flying in the USA alone!(2)

So obviously they are popular engines with around two thousand of them in the air, that is good to know. Not only that, but there are more then 6,000 Jabiru engines flying worldwide!(3) So they are obviously very popular and you should not have a great deal of trouble finding parts or at the very least you should not have trouble getting them sent to your location.

Second - They Have A Couple Really Great Features...

One of the things I really like about the J230 is the fact that it has 3 doors. That is pretty good considering it is a 2 seater airplane. You have a door for each passenger and a cargo door as well. That cargo door is sure nice because of the fact that it is a pain in the butt throwing bags over the seats and then having to reach over and get them again when you need them.

The 2 doors are great because you don't have to risk wrecking things in the airplane or the dash with people climbing through the cockpit to get to their seat. They just through the cargo in through the cargo door and get in the airplane using their door.

The other feature that is good about this airplane is the fact that it has an 800 nm range.(4) That is a very long range for a 2 seater airplane. If you can stay in the air for 800 nm without having to take a pit stop for a bathroom break - your doing pretty good.

But just knowing that you can go 800 nm gives you a lot of options in case you want to do some cross country flying. Your not going to have to stop every hour and get more fuel.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Jabiru J230

Jabiru J230

Jabiru J230


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