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Ikarus C42

Ikarus C42 - How To Know If This Popular
German Aircraft Is For You...

One positive sign of a good airplane is the fact that it is a popular flight trainer. If flight instructors like it, there is a good chance that it is a good airplane. And that is the case with the Ikarus C42 out of Germany. It is a nice looking, high wing 2 seater airplane that you should have a look at.

IMPORTANT: Were going to be focusing on the Ikarus C42B LSA model as it is widely recognized as an approved LSA aircraft. But your going to want to make sure you do check your countries regulations as every country is going to be different.

2 Compelling Reasons Why Every Pilot Needs
To Look At The Ikarus C42

Reason #1 - The Inventory Levels On The Used Market Are Low (Very Important)

The reason that this is a good thing is because of the fact that there have been over 1,200 Ikarus aircraft produced.(1) And if there are a small amount of them on the used market at any given time, that usually means pilots are happy with their purchases and are keeping them.

Sure it is going to put some upward pressure on the market if there is more demand then there is supply, but seeing that there is a low inventory is usually a good thing. The other good thing about that is when you buy yours, you should be able to sell it for a good price down the road assuming the inventory levels stay low.

Most Pilots Don't Think About This One Thing

One of the problems a lot of pilots have is the fact that they are always thinking about how to get their airplane for cheap. That is fine - you want to get the best deal possible when you buy your airplane. However, if you buy an airplane model that is not moving on the used market & there is dozens of them for sale at any given time, your going to end up in trouble.

The reason is - you eventually have to sell that airplane! Eventually your going to want to sell your Ikarus in order to upsize to a bigger newer one or to get out of flying all together. And your going to want to make sure you can maximize your sale price.

But if you buy an airplane that everyone else is constantly dumping on the market, your not going to have an easy time selling it. You could end up having to carry it for a long period of time. So make sure you think through this and realize how important it is to get an airplane that you can resell someday.

Reason #2 - The "Cheapness" Factor (You'll Love This)

If you are buying a new Ikarus C42B, your going to have all the luxuries of having a new airplane. That means your not going to have the same issues as you would if you bought something that was manufactured in the 1970's. So you should have a good number of years ahead of you without having a lot of surprise repairs.

And this is very important because a lot of pilots don't think about this. When most pilots buy an airplane, they simply buy it and assume that their airplane is not going to have any problems or cause them any issues.

However, if you buy an old used airplane from the 1970's, its going to cause you problems eventually. And if you have not saved up or thought about this - your going to get a pretty nasty surprise that is going to put a damper on your flying.

That is the great thing about getting a new or newer Ikarus - you should not have to deal with expensive surprises in the first few years unless your putting a massive amount of hours on it or buy a lemon.


The OTHER Reason It Is Cheap To Run

The other reason this airplane is cheap is because of the engine that is in it. The Ikarus's have Rotax engines in them and the 80hp version has a Rotax 912 UL.(2) Which means your probably going to only burn roughly 4 gallons per hour when you are up in cruise.

And at 4 gallons (roughly) per hour - your going to be able to do a lot of flying before it really makes a dint in your wallet. Sure your not going to break any speed records, but if your looking for a 2 seater to have fun with that is not going to break the bank - you need to give the Ikarus C42B a second look as it might be just what you need.

Not only that - the Rotax is a great engine that has been around for a very long time and has a really long history of performing well. And if it ever does cause you some problems, you should be able to find parts easily as this engine is used all over the world.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Ikarus C42

Ikarus C42

Ikarus C42


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