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Flight Design CT

Flight Design CT - Here's A Great Light Sport Aircraft
You Need To Consider...

If you want to get a very popular light sport aircraft, your going to have to make sure you consider buying a Flight Design CT. It is the original Flight Design LSA model to get approved in the USA and it has been very popular. There are over 1,300 flying world wide at the time of this writing.(1)

IMPORTANT: The Flight Design CT was the original, but the company has developed many more models over the years. So make sure you pick the right one that best matches your flying needs as you are going to have a lot of choices with this manufacture. The great thing is that because they have been around a few years - you have the option of getting a new or used version.

Here's 2 Things That Are Great About The Flight Design CT...

First - It Has Some Great Performance Specifications...

One of the best things about the original CT is the fact that it is very wide. The CT is actually 49 inches wide in the cockpit.(2) That's as wide or wider then some light twin engine airplanes - so you should have some good elbow room while you are flying with a passenger or co-pilot.

The other performance spec that is really good about this airplane is dirty stall speed. Sometimes with small airplanes you really have to be careful as there is not a lot of room between the stall speed and the approach speed as they are not very fast airplanes.

The great thing about the CT is the fact that it has a dirty stall speed of 39 knots!(3) That's pretty slow and adds a great deal of safety and piece of mind while you are landing in a tough situation or a bad wind.

And as far as the speed goes, it is an LSA so it can only go so fast. But the great thing is that while you are going about 112 knots, your only going to be burning about 4.9 gph in cruise.(4) That's pretty good even with higher fuel prices. You could do a lot worse and burn a lot more fuel then that.

Second - The Service Is Amazing...

One of the great things that Flight Design has done in the USA is they have Nationwide service centers in 40 us locations with next day parts availability.(5)

That might not be very important to you while you are looking to buy an airplane, but once you need to get it fixed or need a part - it is going to become very important to you. If you buy an obscure LSA, your going to have some trouble getting warranty work done on it as you might have to fly it across the country to get the work done.

But with a Flight Design aircraft, you should not have that problem when you need some work done or some warranty work done on it. They take great pride in making sure they are there to help you.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Flight Design CT

Flight Design CT

Flight Design CT


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