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Falcon LS

Renegade Falcon LS - This Is An Amazing Light Sport Aircraft...

There are some light sport aircrafts that are nice looking and others that have amazing performance specifications. The Falcon LS has both in the same airplane! This is a great little LSA that should give you a lot of fun in the sky if you choose to get one.

It looks like a flying sports car, its made in the USA and of course - it has a 3 blade prop! But that is not all it has either. This airplane has some great features that really make it standout amongst some of the other light sport aircraft's on the market.

Here's A Variety Of Reasons Why The Renegade Falcon LS Is A Great
LSA To Consider Buying...

It Has A Great TBO:

One of the things I really like about the Falcon LS is the fact that it has a 2400 hr TBO on the engine.(1) That is a great feature because you can get some extra hours out of this airplane before you have to rebuild or buy a new engine.

And as you probably know - the rebuild or purchase of a new engine is not going to be cheap & your going to lose the use of your airplane for a period of time. So being able to get that extra 400 hours more out of this airplane verses a lot of other models on the market that only have a 2,000 hr TBO is a really good thing.

And think about it for a minute...

If you buy this airplane new and only put 100 hours a year on it, your likely never going to have to worry about rebuilding the engine unless you keep it for 20+ years. That said, you have to make sure you take care of the airplane and engine. Give it the love and care it needs and it should treat you well.

It Has An AMAZING Rate Of Climb:

Single pilot climb rate is 70kts and 1500+ ft/min!(2) There are not very many LSA airplanes that will give you those kinds of climb numbers. In fact, there are not many single engine airplanes in general that will climb at 1500 ft/min.

You can have this bird up at your cruise altitude in a matter of minutes and you'll have covered quite a bit of ground at a cruise speed of 70kts! And this is really important if you plane on flying in mountain areas or valleys. You can get out of them pretty quick!

It Has A Ballistic Parachute:

This is an option that you can add on to the airplane, but at the same time why in the world would you NOT get this added in as an option? A parachute is not going to fix bad flying, but it can sure save your life or a lot of problems if you ever lost your engine or had a health problem and needed your passenger to get you down to the ground.

All in all, this is a great airplane and it should give you years of fun. The features and specs on this thing are endless!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Falcon LS

Falcon LS

Falcon LS


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References: #1 - Sourced 03/01/2012
References: #1 - Sourced 03/01/2012

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