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FK12 Comet - If You Want A Biplane, You Need To Check This One Out...

If your looking for some added thrills in regards to your flying, your going to want to think about getting a biplane. And if your thinking about getting one, you need to look at the FK12 Comet. It is an amazing airplane that has been designed very well and has a massive amount of features that you will probably grow to love!

IMPORTANT: The FK12 were going to talk about in this article is the manufactured version vs the kit version. Everyone is different, but in my personal case, I am not quite sure I would trust myself to fly an airplane I built. That said, there are a lot of people who have purchased kit airplanes and it is a very big industry. But for the sake of this article, will be focusing on the manufactured FK12.

Here's A Couple Of Great Reasons Why This Is Such A Cool Airplane...

Reason #1 - It Goes Fast...

Now you have to realize that if you are thinking about buying one of these airplanes, they are not the fastest airplanes in the sky. That is not the goal of these airplanes. Some people are so focused on speed that they can't over look the fact that the plane they are looking at is not the fastest one they can find. What you have to realize is that this airplane still goes pretty quick!

At 75% power it cruises at about 185 km/h(1) which is about 114 knots... That is pretty good considering that it is a biplane! Not only that, it gets a lot of speed out of the engine that it has! If you want to go super fast, you are going to have to focus on getting an airplane that simply goes fast. There are a number of those on the market at any given time, however if speed is not your only concern - then checkout the FK12. It goes quick but is also really cool as well...

According to the website, it is the fastest bi-plane in the world regarding to the speed / power ratio.(2)

Reason #2 - It Has A Lot Of Very Unique Features That Make It A Good Airplane...

One of the features that I think really sets this airplane apart from a lot of other ones is the fact that its wings can be folded back! You might not have thought of this as being a really great feature, but what you have to understand is that once you get used to this feature, your probably going to wonder how you ever lived without it.

If you can fold the wings like you can with the FK12, your going to have a lot more mobility with this airplane. Your going to be able to store it away from the airport if you choose, which could save you many thousands of dollars in hanger fees over the years. The other great thing about this is that if you do choose to store it at the airport, you don't need as much space.

That means you should be able to more easily find hanger space & hopefully it will be cheaper...

The bottom line is that this is an amazing airplane with a lot of cool features that should keep you having fun in the air for a long time.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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References: #1 - Sourced 03/01/2012
References: #1 - Sourced 03/01/2012

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