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Extra EA-300

Extra EA-300 - 2 Important Things Every
Pilot Should Know About This Aircraft

There are a lot of pilots who want a bit more then just the ability to fly around the countryside. If that is you and your looking to get more into aerobatics, then you are going to want to make sure you take a look at the Extra EA-300 which is made by Extra Flugzeugbau out of Germany.

The great thing about the Extra 300's is the fact that they are not your normal 2 seater aircraft. They can do a lot more and are designed to really get you into a lot of fun stuff. Not only that, the chances are pretty good that your not going to get bored with this aircraft. Once you get comfortable with it, your probably going to find lots of other great things you can do with this aircraft.

IMPORTANT: You have to realize that there are quite a few different versions of the Extra 300's. You have the following: 300, 300S, 330SX, 300L, 300LP, 300SP, 300SHP, 300SR, 330SC! So if you are looking at getting an Extra airplane, your going to want to make sure you find the model that is right for you as they are all a bit different. And you might like one of the versions over another...

2 Surprising Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Extra 300

#1 - The Performance Numbers Are Great (For 2 Important Reasons)

A lot of people think that the EA-300 is only for doing aerobatics and stuff like that. But what you have to realize is that you have 2 seats which means you can take a passenger & it is somewhat roomy. (300L is a 2 seater) That means you can take this airplane on some road trips if you want.

The EA-300L will cruise at around 170 knots, has a range of around 500 nm & puts out 300 horsepower. So those are pretty good performance numbers for a 2 seater airplane! The one huge difference between the EA-300L and a normal general aviation 2 seater is the rate of climb.

This airplane has massive amounts of power for the size of it and will climb at around or over 3,000 ft/min. So when you want to get some altitude, you just pull the stick back and your on your way... VERY quickly.

Here's Why This Is So Important (And Cool)

The great thing about this aircraft is the fact that you have so much horsepower and torque. It's like having a 2 seater aircraft on steroids! You can do all kinds of things with it and when you really want to put the power on, you can. It's not like your flying around in a 2 seater that goes 100 knots @ 75% power. This thing goes fast, has the power to back it up & should be a lot of fun to fly as well.

#2 - For What You Get - The Price Is Not Bad (Here's Why)

You have to realize that if you don't fly with a lot of people and you want a LOT of power and performance, this might just be the perfect airplane for you. It has the 2 seats, tons of power, speed & is reasonably priced.

You are going to have to pay between $200,000 and $300,000 to get your hands on one of these if you want to get one that is in good shape. But you have to realize that your getting a very powerful, well designed airplane that was made in the 1990's or newer. That's a pretty good price for all the fun your going to have in this power machine.

Sure it is not cheap. But if your looking for something that is in this price range, you should really think about this airplane.

Watch Out For The 4 Seater Myth

You might think that having a 2 seater is not going to be good enough. But what you have to do is really think through how much you will actually be using a 4 seater if you did buy one.

A lot of pilots think they want a 4 seater and once they get one they end up flying it by themselves or with one other person most of the time. And if you think your going to use a 4 seater 10% of the time, then consider renting a 4 seater when you need to.

That way you can still get a cool aircraft like the Extra 300 and then when you need to haul around a bunch of people, you can just rent one for those rare flights that you need it.

So, if you can do with a 2 seater - checkout this aircraft as it could be a great airplane for your situation.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Extra 300

Extra 300

Extra 300


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