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Ercoupe Aircraft

Ercoupe 415 - 2 Surprising Things You Should Know
About This Classic Aircraft

A lot of pilots want to get an airplane that has class, is fun to fly and will be relatively easy to sell down the road when they are done flying it. If that is your situation, your going to want to consider getting an Ercoupe aircraft. It is a great looking 2 seater that has been around for a really long time & has a "rock star" like following.

IMPORTANT: You have to make sure you research the different versions of the Ercoupe. They came out with a number of different changes and modifications over the years & you are going to want to make sure you find the right one for you. Also, you have to realize that these airplanes are somewhat popular and get snapped up pretty quickly when they go up for sale.

2 Things Every Pilot Should Know About The Ercoupe Aircraft

First - The Price Is Almost To Hard To Overlook
(Here's Why)

The great thing about the Ercoupe is the fact that they are cheap. After doing a quick look on the Internet, I could not find one that was priced above $30,000 USD. In fact, one of the best ones I found on the used market was priced at $15,000 USD. It was a 1947 Ercoupe 415 that was pretty much restored along with a new engine!

Not only that, once you get one - it's probably not going to cost you a lot of money to keep going. You have to realize that the Ercoupe 415 version is only 75 horsepower. Your not going to be burning a lot of fuel with a 75 horsepower engine. Also, you are not going to have to deal with a lot of technical issues as these airplanes are classics!

So if your in a situation where you can't afford to get a big aircraft, this is a great alternative to renting the local junker. At least with buying the Ercoupe, your going to be able to decide when you want to fly it and where you want to fly it.

Might Be Cheaper To Buy This Then Rent An Airplane

If you factor in the rental costs of an airplane, after a few years you'd probably be further ahead financially if you owned an airplane like the Ercoupe as you would have some equity built up in it.

So if you are on edge financially in terms of only being able to afford to rent an airplane, think about getting the Ercoupe as the monthly payments (if you get financing) would probably not be much more then the rent costs for an hour or two of flying every month.

So they are going to be somewhat simple to fly, own & keep going... That is, as long as you keep them in good condition and take care of them.

Second - They Are Old, But Here's Why That's A Good Thing

I really don't have to say much more then that. They are very nice airplanes that were made between 1940 & 1968. The great thing about these airplanes is the fact that they still have a huge following among pilots and enthusiasts.

You will find that in most cases when you search to find one for sale your not going to find very many on the market at any given time. That is a good thing if for you once you own one. You want to have a small inventory so that the price gets pushed up over the years due to increasing demand.

But your going to want to make sure your patient in terms of finding the right one for your situation. They don't come on the market a lot, so your going to want to be patient and make sure you wait and get the right one for your situation. There is no point in getting one you don't like as you'll never want to fly it.

Pilots Don't Seem To Get Rid Of Them (Here's Why)

The funny thing about the Ercoupe is that your going to find that a lot of pilots don't get rid of these airplanes. If you look at some of the classifieds for this aircraft your going to find that many of them have been owned by the same owner for years and in some cases decades.

There is a reason for that... The reason is that they are really cheap to keep around & over time they are probably going to hold their value and potentially go up in value. Obviously it depends on the shape you keep yours in.

But when you see a lot of pilots holding on to these airplanes, that's a really good sign that they like them. And hopefully when you go to sell yours, you might be able to get more then you paid for it as well.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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