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Dova Skylark

Dova Skylark - This Is One Of The Best Looking 2 Seaters Around...

One of the problem with some of the 2 seater airplanes on the market these days is the fact that some of them are just plain bad looking! Your in luck with the Dova Skylark as that is not the case with this bird. It is very good looking and a real head turner. Not only that, it goes very fast.

IMPORTANT: When you are buying a LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) you have to make sure you just double check with the manufacture & with your aviation authority as to the status of the aircraft you are buying. Every country is going to be a bit different & you want to make sure you have the licence & training to match the classification of the airplane you buy.

Here's What's Really Great About The Dova Skylark...

First - It Looks Great...

The bottom line with this airplane is that it is a head turner and looks really great. It has a T-tail which makes it very unique from a lot of the other airplanes on the market in the 2 seater classification.

It also has really cool looking wing tips that make it look bigger and very stylish. And the one thing that I really like about this airplane is the length of the nose. It is not a super long airplane, but where they have put the cabin makes it look like it has a long nose... And that looks really great!

The cockpit glass covering is really nice as well. Your probably not going to have very many visibility problems with this airplane as you can look straight up and see right out it as well as to the sides. So you should not feel boxed in.

It also has the control stick between your legs vs to the left side of the pilot. Some pilots like flying with the joysticks on the left side of the cockpit, but at the same time many others like to have the stick in front of them so they fly with either hand.

Second - It Is Priced Well On The Used Market...

There is not a lot of these airplanes on the used market, but the great thing is that if you can find one then you should be able to get it for a great deal. As you probably know, new or newer 2 seater airplanes can cost well over $100,000.

All the used Dova Skylark's I found on the used market when I checked were priced around $80,000 USD. That's a pretty good price for a newer used airplane that looks as nice as this one does.

The great thing about it is the fact that not only does it look great, it also has a really good engine in it. The Rotax 912S(1) is a very popular and very good engine to have in your airplane as you should not have trouble getting parts for it.

So if your looking for style & some power - check this airplane out.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Dova Skylark

Dova Skylark

Dova Skylark


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