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Christen Eagle...

Christen Eagle - It's a pretty exciting aerobatic airplane!
Here's a few important things you should know about it...

The Christen Eagle which is more commonly known as the Christen Eagle II is currently made by Aviat Aircraft. The plane is technically called the "Aviat Eagle II" as it is owned by Aviat Aircraft. It is a great looking little airplane if you are in the market for this type of aircraft...

IMPORTANT: This is a kit aircraft... You can get ones on the used market that have been created and are being sold as used airplanes. Or you can buy one straight from Aviat Aircraft. They will sell you the kit or they will actually build your kit for you at there factory. (1) So make sure you know what you want when it comes to these options before you buy something. (Used, new kit & new kit assembled at factory.)

Here Is 2 Things You Might Want To Know About The Christen Eagle
Before You Go Out And Get One...

#1 - It Has VERY GOOD Performance Spec's...

If you are looking for an aerobatic airplane or kit airplane, your going to want to make sure you get one that has really good performance specs. If you get something that is underpowered - it could be very dangerous.

That is the great thing about the Aviat Eagle II - it has POWER. According to their website, the current model Eagle will cruise at about 165 mph, has a rate of climb of 2100 fpm and would be a lot of fun to fly.

You might think that 165 mph is not all that fast - but you have to remember that you are flying a very small airplane that can pull A LOT of g's. Not only that, this airplane (new) comes with a
Lycoming AEIO-360-A1D (200 HP) engine. (2)

Compare that to other small airplanes and you will find that this is a very powerful plane that should give you years of fun and excitement..

#2 - There Are Not A Lot On The Used Market...

If you do a search, in most cases your only going to find a few airplanes for sale on the used market. This is a good thing once you own one! The reason is that if there are only a few airplanes for sale (used) at any given time, that keeps pressure on the used market.

It is basic supply and demand... Not only that, if you look around the internet you will find that this airplane (kit plane) has almost a rock star following. The pilots who own and fly these airplanes seem to absolutely love them and really love what they can do for them in the sky!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Christen Eagle

Christen Eagle

Christen Eagle



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