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Cessna Taildragger

Cessna Taildragger - Here's A Couple Things You Should Know
Before Buying A Tailwheel Aircraft...

If you go to pretty much any airport your going to likely find some Cessna taildraggers near by. And in terms of getting a Cessna Taildragger, there is no shortage of them for sale as there were a lot produced over the years.

IMPORTANT: You have to realize that some of the Cessna's were modified to become taildraggers by the owners. The Cessna 150 is a popular taildragger conversion that owners have done. So make sure when you are buying your airplane that you know if it is a conversion to a tailwheel or if it is a factory taildragger.

Here's Two Things You Should Know About
Buying A Cessna Taildragger...

First - You Have To Make Sure You Know Disadvantages Of Owning And Flying A Tailwheel Cessna...

Lets talk about the bad news first - When it comes to getting a taildragger you have to realize that there are a few issues you need to be thinking about. First of all, they have a low cross wind capacity on landing. You really are going to have to make sure you know what you are doing before you land so you don't get caught in a bad cross wind and spin the airplane around on landing.

The other thing you have to make sure you keep in mind is that you can drive the nose into the ground if you don't watch it. When you touch down it is very easy to tip the airplane over onto it's front and end up putting the engine and prop into the ground.

Second - Here's The Advantages Of Owning A Taildragger...

As far as the good news about owning a taildragger - They will get you into places that you would not otherwise get into. Your going to be able to fly into more rugged strips, gravel, grass, exc. The great thing about them is that you have more clearance under the propeller and your not going to throw up as much gravel and dirt.

The one thing that people overlook about the taildraggers is the fact that they are much more forgiving on landings. With a tricycle gear airplane, if you drop it down to hard you can really jam up the front gear. But with a taildragger, it is more forgiving as you don't have a front nose wheel.

The other great thing about the taildragger is that you can easily put ski's on them and fly them into remote areas in the winters. Again, the reason that doing this is popular with a taildragger is because you have more clearance under the propeller. So if you live in an area where you get snow in the winter, having a tailddragger might open up a lot of new flying opportunities for you.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna taildragger

Cessna taildragger

Cessna taildragger



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