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Cessna Corvalis ...

Cessna Corvalis TTX - Some Things You Should Know About This
Amazing High Performance Cessna ..

There are a few airplanes that will cruise at around or just below 200 knots. But there are not very many that will cruise above 200 knots without serious modifications. The Corvalis TTX can cruise above 200 knots and it will also do a lot more...

IMPORTANT: At the time of this writing, the Corvalis TTX is the latest version of the Corvalis. The older models and the Columbia 350 & 400 are all very fast and very nice as well. So make sure you know which model your looking at as each one is going to have some slight differences.

2 Important Things That Make The Cessna Corvalis TTX An
Amazing Airplane To Potentially Buy...

First - The Attention To Detail On The Safety Features...

The bottom line is that you are not only going to want to go fast, your also going to want to make sure your first flight is not your last one! When it comes to safety features, that is where Cessna really shines. They have a lot of years of experience building planes that have lasted a very long time.

And when it comes to the Corvalis, things are no different... First off, this airplane has some very cool speed brakes built into it. If you have never flown a fast airplane, you might not understand how important they are.

When you are descending from a high altitude and you have a tail wind, there is nothing more helpful then speed brakes vs always having to adjust your descent path and pattern.

The other great thing that the Corvalis has is redundant electrical systems!(1) They have set it up so that if you lose your main electrical system, they have a backup one right there ready to power all your nav aids, gps and safety features.

You really can't understate how important this feature is if you are flying IFR or even VFR at night!

Second - The Range Of This Airplane Is Amazing...

At 55% power the Corvalis TTX has a range of about 1,250 nautical miles!(2) That is a very, very big range for a 4 seater single engine airplane that goes as fast as this one does. That range is probably longer then most people's range for a bathroom break! (-:

But if you can keep your passengers happy, you can cover a lot of ground in a really hurry with the Corvalis TTX... So if the TTX fits your budget, make sure you have a really close look at this airplane as it is very nice. And if it does not fit your budget, now you have something to shoot for down the road!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna Corvalis

Cessna Corvalis

Cessna Corvalis



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