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Cessna Amphibian & Float Plane

Cessna Amphibian & Float Plane - If You Want A Cessna For The Water,
Here's Some Things You Should Know...

One of the great joys of flying for a lot of people is that they can get into places that you can not easily get into with cars. That's the great thing about a float plane, you have a lot of options! And Cessna has a very wide variety of piston planes that can make your adventure a lot easier...

IMPORTANT: Since there are so many different options when it comes to Cessna seaplanes, your going to want to make sure you really know what you are planning on doing with it. Don't get trapped and "over buy" an airplane because of what you think you might do with it that you actually never do! And as far as this article goes, will be using the terms (float plane) & (amphibian) to talk about the same thing - a Cessna for the water! (-:

Here's 2 Things You Should Know About Buying A Cessna Float
Plane Or Amphibian Airplane...

#1 - Make Sure You Know The Difference Between A Float Plane & An Amphibian..

A lot of people use those terms to talk about the same thing. And at the end of the day, they both land on water. But only an amphibian can land on land as well. The basic difference is that that amphibian has gear in the floats that allow it to land on both water and land.

Landing a plane on a paved runway with gear is one thing, but when you add in floats and then have gear in the bottom of those floats, that is a whole other skill set that you are going to have to master. Cause not only can you mess up your gear on a bad landing but if you have floats and gear - you could be in for an expensive repair.

#2 - You Need To Make Sure You Know What You Are Going To Do With Your Cessna Float Plane...

The biggest thing you have to realize about the Cessna float planes is the fact that there is a massive price range between them. If you are looking for a 6 seater Cessna 206 that has floats, your probably looking at spending around or over $200,000 USD (1).

If you want a four seater with a good amount of power to get you out of the valleys quickly, the Cessna 180 will run you around $80,000 USD (2). And again, that all depends on the TTAF and how it is decked out.

So there is quite a price range when it comes to finding the right water plane for your needs. The great thing about Cessna is they have a lot of different options for the variety of needs that pilots have.

Sure, you can move up to the Caravan which is a very popular and nice looking airplane, but the price also jumps quite a bit as well. The bottom line is that once you find a nice Cessna float plane or or amphibian - you should have many fun days of adventure ahead of you.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna Amphibian

Cessna Seaplane

Cessna Float Plane



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