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Cessna 337 Skymaster

Cessna Skymaster - Here's A Few Important Things You Should Know
About This Classic "Push-Pull" Cessna...

One of the problems people have with light twin engine airplanes is the fact that when one engine goes, the other engine can pull you very quickly to one side and cause a lot of problems for you. And especially if you are on takeoff or in a critical situation where you don't have a lot of time to react.

So Cessna created the 337 Skymaster to help combat this & they created it for other reasons as well. But the bottom line is that this airplane was somewhat of a " hit" as a lot of pilots and organizations including the military really liked this airplane.

IMPORTANT: Before you go out and buy your Skymaster, you have to make sure you realize that Cessna did create a large variety of these airplanes. There are quite a few models to choose from & due to the fact they have been around for some time now, many owners have made modifications to them. So just make sure you do your research on finding the right model for your situation.

Here's 2 Reasons Why The Cessna Skymaster Is A Great
Airplane To Potentially Buy...

Reason #1 - They Are Priced Very Well On The Used Market...

The bottom line with the Cessna 337 is that you either love it or you don't. It is not usually a plane where pilots can simply live with it. For example; some pilots will fly a smaller single engine airplane they don't like in order to build up time to buy one they do like.

But with the 337, you either love it or you don't! It is very unique - which is pretty easy to see. That said, there are a number of them on the market for a great price. I was able to find a nice looking 1973 Cessna 337 Turbo G-P II for $84,000.00 USD.(1) It had low time on the airframe (2418TT) and still had room before the engines needed to be overhauled.

That's not a bad price for a twin engine airplane if you are into the 337's. Not only that, there are usually a good amount on the used market at any given time. So if you are looking for a single engine high wing Cessna but want the safety of that second engine, the 337 might be right for you.

Reason #2 - They Have Good Performance Specifications...

When it comes to getting you to where you want to go, the Skymaster is good performance specifications. As far as cruise speed goes, most of the 337's will cruise at about 166 to 169 knots.(2)

That is not bad considering it was build from the early 1960's to the early 1980's! The performance will depend on the model that you get, but all in all it is not bad. It it is a bit slower then some of the other light twin's on the market that were created during this era, but at the same time - it is designed different.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 337 Skymaster

Cessna 337 Skymaster

Cessna 337 Skymaster



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