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Cessna 206 Review

Cessna 206 Review - The 6 Seater 206 Could Still Be A Great Option...

One of the greatest things to ever happen to the general aviation market was the Cessna 206! Not only is it a great looking aircraft, but it can almost do magic... It was truly ahead of it's time when it came out of the factory many years ago.

Not only that, it has so many practical uses that they are almost endless. It hauls a lot of stuff, it can carry a lot of people, fly into small areas & has a LOT of power to help get you where you need to go in a real hurry.

Cessna 206 Review -- Here's 2 Things You Should Know
About This Classic Before You Buy It

First - It Is Equipped So You Can Grow Into It Over Time

The great thing about the 206 is the fact that when you buy it, you can essentially grow into it. What I mean by that is as your skills increase you will be able to do more things with this airplane. When you first start out you will probably be focused on just flying & landing the thing as it is a big aircraft with a lot of power.

But as time progresses and you get better and more confident your going to be able to do more and more with this airplane. You can fly it into more areas, take it on longer trips, potentially fly IFR with it and start doing other things that this aircraft was designed to do.

And this is very important because when you buy an airplane you can grow into, it gives you a challenge and keeps your flying skills sharp. If you are a 200 hour pilot and you buy a small, slow 2 seater due to budget reasons, your going to likely be bored out of your mind in a few hours and will never want to fly the airplane.

That is because you will eventually grow out of it and your skills will now exceed what the airplane can do for you and where it can take you. If you want a small airplane to fly around the airport on Sunday afternoons, then get something that will do that.

But if you want something that will give you options and will hopefully keep your flying passion alive - then checkout the 206!

Second - It Has A Built In Resale Market

The important thing about the 206 is the fact that it has a built in market in terms of businesses who use this airplane for actually commercial purposes. As well, there are a lot of pilots who need this airplane to get them into spaces that they could otherwise never get another 6 seater into.

So when you go to try and resell your 206, it is nice to know that there should be some sort of demand for it. That should help hold the value of it up and allow you to get some good money out of it. But that is assuming you buy the right one and take care of it.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 206 Review

Cessna 206 Review

Cessna 206 Review


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