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Cessna 206 Aircraft Performance
Information & Specifications (Specs) ...

Cessna 206 Performance & Specs - Here's A Couple Things You Should Know About This Great Cessna Workhorse...

One of the most versatile airplanes in the Cessna piston fleet is the 206! IT not only looks good and is roomy - but it also has some very good performance specifications as well. And if your looking for a good all around airplane that can haul a lot of stuff & give you good performance, this is the plane to checkout.

IMPORTANT: The Cessna 206 has been around for a very long time so there are many different modifications of this airplane. So make sure you realize this before going to buy one. In this article were going to focus on the performance specs of the Cessna P206 Super Skylane.

Here's 2 Important Things You Should Know About The Cessna 206 Performance Specs Before Buying This Airplane...

First - This Aircraft Has A Huge Carrying Capacity...

The great thing about the 206's performance is the fact that it can haul a lot of stuff. The usable load on the P206 is about 1,510 pounds.(1)(2) When you factor in 65 gallons of fuel, you still have a carrying capacity of about 1,081 pounds.

Assuming all 6 passengers are small, you can theoretically get away with full fuel & 6 people. But in reality that is probably not going to happen - that said, 1,081 pounds of useable weight is very good and offers you a lot of options. And you have to remember, that is factoring in full fuel as well.

The other great thing about the carrying capacity of this airplane is the fact that you can stick it on floats and you still have a good useable weight. As you probably know, floats are not light! But because of the 206's capacity - you got lots of extra useable weight to take fuel and people.

(As always, your going to want to make sure you verify everything with the pilot operating handbook for the airplane you are buying!)

Second - Your Still Going To Get A Good Cruise Speed With The Cessna 206.

One of the problems a lot of people have when looking for something that can work with floats, skis, haul everything they own (or close to it), get into tight spots & actually look good - is the fact that they have low cruise speeds.

But with the P206, your not going to have to worry about that! Unless you are doing something very abnormal with it, your cruise speed is going to be around 143 knots. (TAS).(3) That is not a bad considering the versatilityof this airplane.

So, not only can it haul a lot, looks great & has various uses - it goes pretty fast as well. So if you are in the market for something that will do these things, make sure you give the 206 a second look!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 206 Performance Specifications

Cessna 206 Performance Specifications

Cessna 206 Performance Specifications



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